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Women achieved a gain of $ 1.8 million every hour

 جينا راينهارت
Became the owner of billions Gina Reinhart Australian women in the world's most affluent, advanced, consequently, the U.S. Christy Walton, the heir of chain stores, "Wal-Mart," as stated in the annual rankings prepared by the magazine "The Weekly Bizinas Review" (NPR W). 


And increasing wealth Gina Reinhart (58 years) and is the richest man in Australia, an average of 1.5 million euros, which is equal to about (1.875 million dollars) every hour.
The estimated wealth Gina Reinhart, aged 58, to 29.17 billion Australian dollars (22.48 billion euros), an increase of 65% in the year, according to the ranking prepared by the magazine "P RW" for more than 200 people in the world richer.
Wealth and, consequently, has become the largest wealth of Christy Walton's widow, a son of the founder of stores, "Wal-Mart" on what the magazine said.
He indicated that Gina Reinhart is the heir to the empire mining "Hanok Brosbactng" specialized in the iron ore which is also the largest contribution to the Australian media group, "Fairfax" competition for the most prominent media empire Robert Murdek.
He explained Andrew Hatcoc supervisor in the preparation of this list that "the increase in wealth attributable to foreign investment in new projects and the high production and price of iron ore during the past six months."
He stressed that if the prices of raw materials continued to rise, "it is not unlikely that the wealth of up to 100 billion dollars."
Gina Reinhart is a controversial figure in Australia, which is waging a violent campaign against the imposition of new taxes on mining materials strongly criticized by the Australian government.
It was topped the front pages of newspapers in early 2012 because of family differences, after he accused of avarice and her children to seek bankruptcy. Has made three of her four children filed a lawsuit against her on the back of the monopoly of fund family assets valued at more than three billion Australian dollars.

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