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U.S. soldiers accused of Iran of spying after they get married sermon in prison


He married two U.S. Sean Boyer and Sarah Shourd, who were detained by Iranian authorities in 2009 on charges of espionage and released last year, in California thisweek.

Said Ben Rosenfeld, a lawyer in San Francisco, said that Shourd and Bauer, were married Saturday, attended by about 200 family members and friends.

Rosenfeld said a statement: "Prepare for post friends from around the world, and danced under the light of the moon," which began in the larger picture during the year,Saturday.

It is noteworthy that Bauer and Shourd who had announced their engagement duringtheir detention in prisons of Iran, and after that arrested by Iranian border guards, accompanied by their friend Josh Fattal late July 2009, three during the trip in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the accused of spying for America.

The Boer then a ring to his fiancĂ©e, "coined" one of his shirts from yarn.

Tehran launched Shourd released on bail for health reasons in 2010, and releasedBauer and Fattal last year after spending 781 days in detention and trial on spying charges said she first was based on the "ridiculous lies."


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