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Cow caused the deaths of 20 men in Pakistan!!

بقرة تتسبب في مصرع 20 رجلاً في باكستان!!
Pakistani television revealed in the report of the death of at least 20 men in the case ofrevenge lasted for about a decade because of a disagreement about the theft of a cowten years ago in the city "Hnewt" in Punjab province of Pakistan.

The reported channel (a. T. Y) Pakistani news that the dispute started betweenmembers of four families of the tribe "Glautera" that live in the area in 2002 when it disappeared from the home of the cow is one of those families in mysterious circumstances in the middle of the night.
The report said that the accident caused the exchange of accusations between the fourfamilies which led to the conflict and the occurrence of a tribal feud between members ofthe tribe.
It was reported also that persons who were killed on the background of this conflict were not killed at once but in batches until the numbers swelled to 20 people during these years as a result of clashes and operations of mutual revenge.
Pakistani sources have predicted that "the number of victims of revenge between the members of that tribe in the case of failure to reach a final settlement of the case."


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