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A height of 56 meters ... Suicide jump from Niagara Falls did not die!

يبلغ ارتفاعها 56 متراً... مُنتحر قفز من شلالات نياغرا ولم يمت!
People survived a suicide attempt by jumping over Niagara Falls, becoming the fourth person who survives a jump from the waterfalls.
The agency quoted a Quebec Canadian news, from the police that an unidentifiedperson went to the Horseshoe Falls (Horseshoe) in Niagara, Ontario Canada to commit suicide in front of tourists Victoria Day.

And contact the people saw the man he jumps, police and rescue elements who found him on the rocks at the bottom of waterfalls.
The high waterfalls 180 feet or about 56 meters, witnesses said the man was climbingthe wall of water reserves near the edge of waterfalls and see him jump before the floatson the surface of the water.

The wounded man's bruises and fractures a serious but stable condition now, and did not lose consciousness.

This is the fourth time that saved the people from jumping in Niagara Falls, which is very rare, and was the first made ​​the jump Falls "Horseshoe" is a child, Roger Woodward (7 years), which jumped after the crash boat, which installs in July this year 1960 and survived that day because he was wearing a life jacket.


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