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U.S. rope linking his daughter to be able to practice quietly Electronic Games

أمريكي يربط ابنته بحبل ليتمكن من ممارسة الألعاب الألكترونية بهدوء
Have been charged with child abuse to an American father after he binds his daughter, aged 4 years, with a rope to be able to play games, e-quietly.

The newspaper "New York Post," America said that "Health HO", 27-year-olddaughter is in my hands and linking them for hours in the kitchen of the house inSarasota, Florida, and leaving her alone so as not to bother him during the exercise video game hobby of his favorite.
Did not move a muscle and the girl's mother after her return from the exercise anddiscovered the grave of this act and the offender laws in America. But the friendlymother, who was accompanied during the return of the house, took the initiative to contact the police and informed them of the incident.

The effects of the constraint is still fresh in the hands of boys, which made the city officials, who were investigating the incident, believe that this incident were not an isolated case and that the father has been to restrict the knowledge of his daughter and her mother so as not to bother him when his wife outside the home.

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