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Palestinian thief steals a car and asked the owner of that "holds" from the police!!

لص فلسطيني يسرق سيارة ويطلب من مالكها أن
Funny incident witnessed by the district of Hebron in the occupied Palestine, where the Web site reported details of the minimum home located, said that police had arrested the day after the oldest person to steal the vehicle from inside a school in broad daylight in the town of Beit Kahil Hebron district. 

A statement of Public Relations and Information in the police, "that, acting on a tip responded to police about the anonymous access to the school of Beit Kahil basic and theft of a vehicle belonging to a teacher during the school day, direct police operations research and investigation and prosecution of the perpetrator to uncover the circumstances of the crime and arrest him."
The statement added that the thief went to the house in the town of hiding from the police, who are looking for without the knowledge of the thief that the home owner is the same as the teacher's vehicle was stolen and found after police received a call the owner of the vehicle itself that the thief in his house and ask him that holds the policewhich haunted, and in turn the police on the suspect.
The statement emphasized that the suspect will be forwarded to the Attorney General to take necessary legal action against him.


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