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Britain: and put his car on a tree as punishment for his leadership style car

بريطنيا : وضعوا سيارته على شجرة عقابا له على أسلوب سياقته
Newspaper "Metro" that the British did not find a young Polish model of car "FordEscort" in its place and parked beside the road when he came out of his house in the morning in one day. After the researchers to draw around her noticed that his car"sitting" high willow tree not far from his home.

The newspaper pointed out that the neighbors of the young Polish Zbagnf Philo (24 years) who often cause them inconvenience and anxiety decided to put his car on the tree during the night by a crane, in the reaction of them to punish him for his leadership style reckless unsafe, which could result in road traffic accidents The casualties amongtheir children, they said.
After he discovered the car Zbagnf Download Now from the tree. The newspaper quoted the young man who does not have a driver's license saying it would be more cautious in driving from now on. Philo said he understood the reaction of his neighborson his style of risk on the roads, but he considered a "campaign neighbors" his harshanti-something.


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