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Macaulay Culkin in the 32 year: from patent "was alone in the house" to year loss

Do you remember the baby Macaulay Culkin, who famously starred in a series of films on my own at home Home Alone, which has many predicted that broadcasts to fame in the art world, but Culkin could not maintain his stardom. On the occasion of birthday celebrations of 32, saw artistic career Culkin
وحدي في المنزل


Tunisian born put carrying a fetus in her womb

Gave birth to a Tunisian woman born, carrying a fetus in her womb, and in the rare case, on Wednesday evening, in births Division Regional Hospital "butcher" the Tunisian city of Kairouan.

Photo kills bride in Canada

Do not know the bride Canadian photograph will cause her death, where the tragedy occurred when the bride asked photographer take a picture of her makes the river near her background.


How to be a wealth of your bedroom?

If you are a student at the school or at the university and want to get the extra income to buy more of your needs, you only need to equip a computer and a fast connection to the Internet, and went to the bedroom to start with one of the following projects:

IT skills gives you high salaries

If you're a fan of technology and computers, and special programming, and want to get a yearly salary is excellent, there is a set of software and programming languages ​​that guarantee to its users high salaries of not less than 100 thousand dollars a year.

U.S. pair incites men to rape his wife online

زوج أمريكي يحرض رجال لاغتصاب زوجته عبر الانترنت
Man accused in Twin Falls (Idaho) United States, inciting men to rape his wife through the section «regular meetings of Craigslist online.

Palestinian family killed one of her sons after failing committing adultery with his minor daughter and having them

عائلة فلسطينية تقتل أحد أبنائها بعد ثبوت ارتكابه جريمة الزنى مع ابنته القاصر وإنجابه منها
Proceeded family in Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, the first day of Eid al-Fitr to end the life of one of her sons, after testing continued committing adultery with his minor daughter, and to have them.

The release of the oldest prisoner in the United States

Council launched the amnesty, Arizona American release Betty Smaithi, the oldest prisoners in the United States, after spending 49 years in prison for committing a murder.


The discovery of a Pakistani girl in Jenin

اكتشاف جنين داخل طفلة باكستانية
Subjected Pakistani girl in the second month of age for a successful surgery in order to eradicate the fetus is found to be within and after the surgery lasted three hours.

According to the channel "sky" of Pakistan said Saturday that were introduced to the small hospital in Islamabad after a suspected tumor, were subjected to surgery which showed that the fetus inside 4 months old, a brother or sister's twin. Doctors said the baby out successfully develop small but serious health which is found now in the intensive care room.

Opening of the cafe of grief in China that allows patrons to express their grief into tears of collective

Allowed the Chinese government opened the cafe grief allows patrons to express their grief in tears together, according to the newspaper "Today" Saudi Arabia.
 افتتاح مقهى للحزن بالصين يتيح لرواده التعبير عن حزنهم بالبكاء الجماعي
The newspaper said that the cost of attendance of the cafe "50 yuan / $ 6", with each hour to provide the best drinks to customers who are going to cry.
She said the cafe provides napkins and peppermint oil to relieve pain depressed, it also offers onion and red pepper to help those who want to shed tears.


Languages ​​do not hear from them before

May be speaking more than one language, and may be aware of the most widely spoken languages​​, but these are some languages ​​that do not speak with certainty, let alone that of which does not write the original.

Man has not bathed in 38 years


Indian spent "Kailash Singh," a 38-year-old without a bath, after a reign taken on himself in 1974 that does not do it, or cut his hair, but if the son of livelihood.

'Facebook' save the lives of Italian tried to commit suicide

Helped the social networking site (Facebook) Police rescue woman in Italian Ana torment love was trying to commit suicide.


The discovery of a sinking ship 2000 years old in Italy

White television set bought over the Internet and got a military weapon

Got a population of Washington had bought over the Internet on a television simple "military weapon" semi-automatic type "aberration Sauer 176".

U.S. police stopped a woman driving a topless surprise for her boyfriend!

الشرطة الأمريكية توقف سيدة تقود سيارتها وهي عارية الصدر لمفاجأة صديقها!
Adopted the woman stopped for exceeding the speed limit after a chase that it did not stop because she was driving while topless to surprise her boyfriend on the Police in the Marion area in Florida (South East).

Urchin called 500 shares on the spinal dog attacked him

Counter-attack with 500 shares truck, the share of dog attacked the urchin in Oklahoma City, but he called it a barrage of arrows hit her face and part of her body, according to the newspaper "New York Daily News" of America.


The most prevalent myths in the Arab world


Are two myths, the first adults to be sure that it is not real and its purpose to frighten young children, and the second is spread among adults in some others deny it, and this month myths that are widespread among us Arabs of both types.

To find the Russian girl 5 years old living with a herd of cows

Picture archive

Police found a Russian girl aged 5 years, living with a herd of cows in the "Solikamsk" in the Ural Mountains, after receiving a tip from neighbors and the girl's father stating their existence in a barn animals belonging to the father of the child.

Two Americans, they get married .. 50 years after the divorce

Refused to allow divorced two Americans of aging that an obstacle in front of the flame of love that have returned to the burning in their hearts, they decided to marry again after 50 years of their separation and have attained the 85 years of age.

Sister of the founder of "Facebook" is working in "Google"

Joined the younger sister of Mark Zukirburg, founder of the site "Facebook" to more aggressive rivals site "Google" after the search giant bought the company "and Aeldvair" ad hoc marketing across social networks.

Permanent wife of her husband on the anniversary of their marriage entirety

Received "Nigel Bryant" (50 years) from Sutton Coldfield West Midlands Province and in Britain the most expensive gift from his wife, "Nicole" (48 years) in the memory of rejoicing after the wedding to donate her kidney.

U.S. woman gives birth to a child without knowing that she was pregnant

امرأة أمريكية تنجب طفلة دون أن تدري بأنها حامل

Gave birth to an American woman who assisted her in her home by police without even know she was pregnant.

Canadian identity thief leaves the victim in the Pants

لص كندي يترك هويته في سروال ضحيته
Thief easy task for the police when he forgot his wallet and his identity card inside the pants inside the person who was trying to steal.

Association of British plans to set up an Olympic Games for the naked!

جمعية بريطانية تعتزم اقامة ألعاب أولمبية للعراة!

Announced society "Brodlandz" in East England Norfolk County, which includes the nature lovers and striptease for the establishment of the Summer Olympics naked in the period between 8 and 12 August / August.

Rossi jumps from third floor to save his wife from robbers

روسي يقفز من الطابق الثالث لإنقاذ زوجته من اللصوص

Russian police officer was double the fractures in his feet, after jumping from the window of his apartment, third floor in a building in Moscow; to save his wife during an attack by thieves to steal it.

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