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Egyptian dealer hides in the "veil" to avenge his brother of the killer in court

تاجر مصري يتخفي في
Witnessed the South Cairo Court area Zeinhom attempt to commit murder accused in court, taking revenge. Dealer tried to disguise as a woman veiled in conjunction with his sister fought to end the life of their brother brought from his cell after to appear before the Correctional Court of ancient Egypt to renew his incarceration. I was arrested the defendants and the prosecution were referred directly to Investigations.

Receive a Brigade Osama small director of the Cairo police notification from Brigadier Abdul Aziz Salim Chief of Detectives of deportations by each of Sergeant Nasr Fawzi El-Husseini, Sgt Yasser quality and Abbas Fathi Ahmed Ali from power management deportations they were during their service to secure the South Cairo Court in Zeinhom Department Police Department Mr. Zainab were able to adjust each of the happiest Mahmoud Mohammed (factor) in possession of a weapon white knife and sister Camellia SMA «39 years» (housewife) while they entered the court wearing clothes veiled.
And decided to exchange Cairo security chief reward for having the performance of duty and prevent the accused and his sister from committing another murder was about to fall inside the court.Investigations revealed that the prosecution conducted by the Abu Barakat dragged DPP is headed by Judge Ahmed pitcher Chief Prosecutor Abdul Aziz Salim submitted that the Chief of Detectives suspected of deportations accused Mahmoud Assaad and his sister Camellia housewife Almentqubp .. The second refused to talk after he found the accused standing with his sister without speaking with them is not mentioned on her so he headed them guard the court to ask them what they were responded by the sister of the accused said they were waiting remanded in custody a relatives and asking if she said the sister she is sick he asked to prove their character tried to escape only to have the Guard able to control the situation and arrested. The investigation revealed that the defendant prospector in the provisions in the cases of drugs and hide in the uniform veil so as not to recognize it and a plan with his sister, which is exploring so as not to expose commanded them, taking revenge their brother who was killed after a fight between them.
In the face of Mohammed loving and first deputy on behalf of Ms. Zainab denied the defendants that they came to take revenge from Hassan Hamdi safety of the accused in connection with the case number «2300» for the year 2012 cover of ancient Egypt and accused them of killing their brother Syed Asad Muhammad because of disagreements, and said they attended the court in support of one of their neighbors of the accused in one of drug issues during the renewal of his incarceration and he denies veiled in the garb of his escape from the provisions of an earlier against him.Ordered on behalf of South Cairo, headed by Judge Tariq Abu Zeid, a lawyer for the first year, prosecutors accused the South Cairo book on pending investigations detectives after being indicted by prosecutors have charged with attempted murder.


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