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17 thousand dollar bill "neon bulb" has been a beacon for 77 years

17 ألف دولار فاتورة
I discovered the fluorescent bulb behind a wall covered in dust in the cafeteriaKlington in the Broadway, has been a beacon for 77 years.

It is estimated that the electricity bill cafeteria implications of this bulb, which were lit during the Great Depression in 1935, more than 17 thousand dollars. The owner of the cafeteria had sold to another company, did not pay attention to the neonbulb, which was covered in dust behind the walls of a garden cafeteria, and thelamp remained illuminated throughout these years without being heeded by one.
Kim Koga, says Executive Director of one of the companies producing light bulbsneon «that these bulbs can survive for twenty to forty years, and can be left to believe that such a bright bulb and seven to seventy years».

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