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Anonymous attacking my CIA and Interpol

Russia Today 

Activists announced in the Anonymous group claimed responsibility for the closure of the famous sites and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for several hours, and international police, Interpol (Interpol) on Sunday, May 6 / May. 

The Anonymous has been a threat to the government and the websites of protest against the monopoly of the content at the sites, and last month announced the activists in the group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack on the Justice Department and intelligence Americas from Brazil, and then joined a number of the group to close the site MI 6 the British intelligence.
We note here that the location of the U.S. intelligence had been closed twice by Anonymous in June of last year, as well as last February term, as the Anonymous in its offensive this emphasis on the rejection of the Privacy Act, which Washington is trying through control of the Internet, where there have been sites of other government victim of these attacks.
After the attack, which was on Sunday put infiltrated Anonymous video shows how the group was able to close the site of the U.S. intelligence, and explaining why, pointing out that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency should be prepared, which means the possibility of further attacks.


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