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Egypt calls for America searched the four-year-old boy at the airport in Cairo!

أمريكا تطالب مصر بتفتيش طفل عمره أربع سنوات في مطار القاهرة!
Saw the Cairo International Airport on Wednesday when a strange incident andasked the United States from the Egyptian authorities searched a four-year-old boy was accompanied by his mother of Yemen before the plane took off bound forEgypt to New York, which led to the delay 40 minutes.


She said official sources at Cairo airport that EgyptAir received a cable from theAirport (JFK Kennedy) in New York asking for re-inspection of three passengers,including the child Ashraf Saber, was born in 2008, an American of Egyptian origin and searched his mother's rational for (21 years) Yemeni and passengerthird named Muhsin Hussein (59 years), a Yemeni-American before the plane took off in flight No. 985 bound for New York.

Did not explain the reasons for the inspection request telegram. Was informed ofthe security men who in cooperation with the security of Egypt Air to re-inspectionof the child and his mother and the third passenger and thoroughly re-examinetheir bags resulted in a delayed takeoff the plane and the 263 passengers.

The United States requires send a list of passenger trips were made by New York before taking off from Cairo within the framework of security cooperation between the two sides after the events of September atheist ten / September 2001.

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