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Australian killed his son, aged 12 years to prevent the end of the world!

استرالى يقتل ابنه البالغ من العمر 12 سنة ليمنع نهاية العالم!
Australian court decided to detain a man in a psychiatric clinic after I killed the son, aged 12 years to prevent the battle of Armageddon between good and evil and to avoid the end of the world.
According to Australian news agency, "namely, any me" today, Friday, the judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales man was found not guilty of murder because ofmental illness.

The agency noted that the police arrested the man, 30-year-old son who was stabbedrepeatedly with a knife to death, then wounded two other men in October 2010.
The judge said the man suffered from severe schizophrenia and personality hearsvoices in his head and not aware that what he is doing a moral wrong.
The agency noted that the man separated from his wife, but the child was living with the mother from time to time.
Said the man was arrested when police asked him to sacrifice sounds, adding that hedid not kill me will fall from Armageddon, Armageddon and I am, I am a weapon of massdestruction.
The judge ordered the detention of the man in the clinic to see the therapists that he was no longer a danger to society.
The battle of Armageddon, according to the two religions of Christianity and Judaism is the battle between good and evil or God and Satan, and be evacuated to the end of the world.


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