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Stubborn beheading the road to "home"!

Two elderly couple's house is still standing stubborn obstacle in the way of completionand the opening of a new road was finally Apartment in the heart of Taazhao of theChinese province of Zhejiang.

Seventy-year-old couple refused to move from their home just a prelude to destroying itforced the company responsible for construction of paving the way to the house beforeand after he left with standing in the middle of the distance to be making a final decisionon the demolition of the house or not.

Couple obstinate agreed initially to get the amount of money equivalent to about 11thousand U.S. $ in compensation for their home, but they decline later for their decision and decided not to move from the house, which remains a stumbling block real in front of the opening of the road with a width of about 20 meters.

In light of the crisis, launched a local media on the way the title of "the road that does not lead to anywhere," in reference to being useless because of the existence of that housein the middle.


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