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Ukrainian pig predict matches in Euro 2012

خنزير أوكراني يتكهن بمباريات يورو 2012
Out the Government of the Ukrainian capital Kiev gesture quaint, having proceeded to the appointment of a pig Ukrainian to predict and make predictions on the outcome of matches EURO 2012 which will play in Poland and Ukraine the start of the eighth of next month; along the lines of octopus Paul, who emerged star during matches latest version of the World Cup which was held in South Africa.

With a passion for the Europeans luck announced the Government of the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Friday that the pig will be expected every day during the tournament.
Ukrainian officials said they will attend this animal to watch the games area in the capital before the games in order to bring more excitement to the tournament.
This was the octopus Paul had met with media attention high on the global level, due to the expected right to the winners in all football World Cup South Africa 2010, which brought down the curtain upon the coronation of Spain, where he serves as the memory can not be forgotten easily from the imagination of football fans, as it turned at the timeto a months-star World Cup 2010 after it ratified all his expectations of the results of the tournament, the tunnel octopus Paul in the twenty-sixth of October of 2010 as a result of natural death like most aquatic animals of the species of octopus, which can not survive for more than two years, where he was expected to die in In any case such as the European Nations Cup 2012.


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