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Japanese man cooking the genitals and offered a meal for the guests at a dinner party

شاب ياباني يطبخ أعضاءه التناسلية ويقدمها وجبة للضيوف في حفلة عشاء
The oldest Japanese man to cook his genitals after eradication in the process of surgery and served to guests in a dinner party with pay.Mao and Ai Sugiyama (22 years), who suffers from non-completion of his genitals had undergone surgery to eradicate, rather than disposed of by Baked and served to guests.


Request of the Mao and every guest will attend the concert which was organized at his home in Tokyo to pay £ 160 pounds for a meal of members that has been cooked in a mixture of mushrooms, parsley, according to British newspaper Daily Mail.
Before dinner, supervised by a chef and the guests listened's six pairs for a paragraph and then a musical staged a panel discussion.Mao was thinking at first in dealing with his penis by himself, but decided to offer the guests instead, declared the idea to his personal bank account on Twitter.
Mao wrote, saying: "I am a Japanese citizen and introduce my members genitals (penis completely, testes) in the meal .. Members have been surgically eradicated and I am in the twenty-second of my life .. Members were functioning natural .. I did not receive hormonal treatments. "
Indeed, some people responded to the announcement the stranger, took part in the concert, and described some of the food that it was rubber.Although the incident reported to the police but they did not take any action, saying he did not do anything against the law.

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