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Australian woman appear before the court on charges of biting her tongue!

امرأة استرالية تمثل أمام المحكمة بتهمة قضم لسان صديقها!
Represented by an Australian woman appeared in court in Sydney on charges of seriousphysical abuse, after he accused her boyfriend to bite his tongue, until almost go.
The source said that he arrested the woman (28 years) after they made ​​her boyfriend (19years), filed a complaint with police about the incident, which occurred two were stayingaccess it.

The source added that the young man went to the police station, which is bleeding heavily from his mouth, and was taken to hospital for surgeons trying to save his tonguewhich partially separated.
The police of New South Wales in a statement that it is scheduled to represent women in court again on Wednesday.


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