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Israel .. To find the treasure in Tel Megiddo has a unique piece of its kind in the Middle East

إسرائيل .. العثور على كنز في تل مجيدو يحتوي قطعة فريدة من نوعها في الشرق الأوسط
Israeli archaeologists announced that the excavations at Tel Megiddo culminated in finding the treasure containing gold jewelry, silver and precious stones dating back to before 3100, ie, to the Canaanite era. The treasure includes 9 large earrings and ring seal may be drilled in the form of a fish, all of which are of gold.

According to the newspaper "Haaretz" has been cleaned treasure discovered in recent months, pointing also to find a thousand bead small made of gold, silver, agate, and found the scientists on a piece of cloth to draw out a piece of silver is small, is believed to have been used for making ornaments.
He said specialists from the research team that a Earrings "Hero," adding that he looks like basketball very much and within a bird, while drawing attention to the shape can suggest that symbolizes the ostrich, and at his side 8 models of small animals likely she goats. According to the Israeli newspaper that makes this piece unique is not found so far on a similar piece in the Middle East, since the commencement of exploration.
It is likely the research team that found the treasure in 2010 that the designer of this piece of art inspired by the idea of ​​Egyptian civilization in control of this region in that period, from the Megiddo was a city - state falls under the tutelage of the Egyptians, that they withdrew them he followed the destruction.
Involved in the process of drilling a famous archaeologist Israel Flankstein is directly responsible for the excavation and Professor of the University of Tel Aviv and his colleague David Oseshchen Eric Klein of the University of Georgetown.
Scientists have noted that they had found the treasure in a jar containing sand, they decided not to discharge from the sand and sent to the archeology lab at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. The Flankstein that jar waited role for a year and a half before starting the examination, adding that the treasure discovered in addition to what has been discovered earlier, confirms that the prosperity of Canaanite civilization was constantly renewed, recalling cut ivory that was found near the Palace of Megiddo, and it is the most important of what has been discovered in this region, as reported by TV Nablus.


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