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For the first time .. South Korea carries out the death "castration" in the rapist

(Reuters) - The media in South Korea on Wednesday that authorities will chemicalcastration for the perpetrator of a series of rapes against young girls the first time thatthey apply the death penalty under legislation passed in 2010.

The newspaper (JoongAng Daily) A man, aged 45 years - and has known only as Park -was convicted of four crimes of rape or attempted rape of girls under the age of 13 yearsduring the period from 1984 to 2002.
And legislation aimed at the perpetrators of rape who are believed to be likely to return tothe commission of the crime.
The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Justice Department as saying "It is a workbook designed to sexually deviant children of the palace."
The Committee will consider the possibility of implementing the Ministry of Justicechemical castration punishment for offenders under the age of 19 years who have committed crimes against children under the age of sixteen.


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