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Bone chicken with 2.5 million

A court in the state of California on the U.S. poultry company and a pizza restaurant to pay $ 2.5 million to a woman damaged health, having suspended the chicken bone in her throat, which is dealing with pizza at the restaurant. Kalla said Felicity (59 years) Thegreatness of a woman turned to a healthy person gets tired walking the full distance is very short.

She noted that she spent 33 days in the hospital after the injury in the year 2010, and underwent surgery for 11, and returned and was hospitalized several times.

The court ruled the company that supplied the restaurant with slices of chicken, being responsible for 60% of infected women, while believing that the restaurant is responsible for 40% damage.

The court ruled that the two companies paid $ 2.5 million allowance for women damage.


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