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Indian woman marrying hold on the "Snake" Cobra after it signed in love!!

امرأة هندية تعقد قرانها على
Usually have a marriage contract between a man and a woman. However, insome peoples may not be as well.
In India, held a woman marrying a snake Cobra after it signed in fine.

The newspaper "home" to Kuwait, "Das Bembala" aged 30 years, has set up a wedding party with the participation of 2000 people were invited to attend her marriage contract.

The ceremony took place in a village near the city of "Bhubaneshwar" capital of the state, "Orissa" in eastern India, the population is believed that this marriagecan bring good luck to their village.
Said the bride "Bembala" It is negotiating with the snake in a unique way, although he does not speak, and add it whenever I put milk near the hill, the snakecomes out on the spot to drink. She stressed that the bride did not harm the snake days.
This is not the first time that the marriage between humans and other organismsin the land of wonders and oddity. Marriage between humans and other organisms is common in India where she married a tribal girl dog recently.

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