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British family went to the protest site "Facebook" to delete the photos her deceased

عائلة بريطانية توجه احتجاجا لموقع
Family and directed the British Walker protest against the social networking site"Facebook" to delete the site pictures of her young child deceased, demands quickanswer to the denial of her images, which generated a rare congenital defect.


According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain, the mother, "Heather," expressed surprise to delete the site pictures of the little girl does not cause any inconvenience to others, while allowing other users to publish pornographic image.

She added, did not know under any category fall these images and that there are 9types of content can be considered offensive and still "violence - the threat - of self-harm- intimidation and harassment - hate speech - violence, nudity and pornography - the identity and privacy - phishing spam."

So far, the family did not get a clear answer of "Facebook".


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