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Chemical revives hope for a cure for blindness after their success with mice

Blind mice regained her sight thanks to the chemical make them sensitive to light, according to U.S. scientists showed in a study revives hope for a cure for blindness.

Court, "Los Angeles" transfer custody of the children Michael Jackson to his cousin

Transferred custody of three children of the late American pop legend Michael Jackson from his mother to his cousin, Catherine, "Tito Jackson" after the conflict there was a large family.

American woman demanding to adopt a monkey for their sense of affection towards him motherhood!

إمرأة أمريكية تطالب بتبنى قرداً لشعورها بعاطفة الأمومة نحوه!

(Monkey in his mother's eye deer) so the saying goes the famous People who described the case of this woman carefully for several decades.

Hospital in India kills babies for non-payment of a bill of $ 3.5!

مستشفى بالهند يقتل رضيعا لعدم دفع قاتورة بقيمة 3.5 دولار !

Indian authorities are investigating the charge and face the father of the hospital to remove life support from an infant because of the pay bill of $ 200 or Rupee equivalent of $ 3.50.

New Zealand girl in the age of three require ambulance to her rescue

طفلة نيوزيلندية في الثالثة من العمر تطلب الإسعاف لنجدتها

New Zealand has been able child in the age of three to save itself, after I called the emergency service ambulance and asked what that felt shortness of breath.
According to the newspaper "The Dominion Post," New Zealand that the child Lena Aino Tu Tao, I called the number 111 on their own and asked for help because her mother can not do so being deaf.


View the worst song in history

According to the agency "UBI" news, Rebecca Black won the U.S. Award "the worst song in history" for her song "Friday," The strange thing is that 16 million people watched the video the song on "YouTube" to register their criticism.

Experiences of the CIA scientific frightening


Do you know what the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency U.S.), do you know how this works and what the entity objectives, where buildings are located, from individuals who work with it? You will not find an answer to many of the above questions, even in the same U.S. citizen. Some of those who tried to American film scenarios about mysteries of this entity, some of them approached him and some of them strain the imagination. But recently leaked some information about the history of this device, including information on the scientific experiments that work with them, which is what we will post them to you in this report:

The mother of Michael Jackson .. Missing

To report a formal loss of the mother of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, the U.S. after her grandchildren could not contact them for a whole week.

Pakistani woman gives birth to twins 5 to prevent her husband from the multi-

امرأة باكستانية تنجب 5 توائم لمنع زوجها من التعدد

Gave birth to twins five Pakistani woman after five years of marriage, according to a press report published in the "Riyadh" Saudi Arabia.

German police arrest a thief during his marriage contract

الشرطة الألمانية تلقي القبض على لص في أثناء عقد قرانه

German police have arrested a thief tied the knot during the Civil Marriage Office of the City of Bielefeld west of the country, which spoiled the joy of it, and rushed into the iron cage instead of the "golden cage".

The police in Bielefeld that "the thief who at the age of 24 years who hover around him a suspicion of committing crimes of robbery, he wanted to hold on one of the married women of the city and maintains wedding to the marriage of the men suddenly landed on the police and arrested him."

According to the police that "the man accused of committing a robbery in Greater London in December 2009."

One of the London court issued a warrant for his arrest and reported to the authorities of European countries. Police said that "there is a communication without signing arrived on the offender, and investigations have shown that the facts contained in the communication, but the police did not say anything Bielefeld details of the robbery."

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American girl wake up from her trance personality different

طفلة أمريكية تفيق من غيبوبتها بشخصية مختلفة

She came to "Zoe Ryan Bernstein" -6 years - from the town of Carlsbad in California from the coma lasted a full month after exposure to a serious car accident.
The Zoe with her father and her sister and her father when he lost control of the car on a rainy day to hit the pole for lighting.


Video: Driver saves baby falling from

The child survived the American agent McGarry "7" years miraculously, after it fell from the third floor, where she was playing in the air above her bedroom window, but it did not reach the ground after being seized in St. Bernard named driver happened to be in place.

British Catholic school 90% of its students .. Muslims

Catholic primary school was considered a British fact that 90% of pupils are Muslim, as representing a new reality for the Church of England of their respective owners.

Killed 14 shooting inside the cinema hall in America

Killed at least 14 people and wounded fifty others Friday when a gunman opened fire on a crowd inside the hall of the cinema in the state of Colorado to watch the premiere of the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight Raazz," according to police and the media. Witnesses spoke to local media for chaos within the film and they said the gunman fired tear gas and opened fire inside the crowded hall in Aurora, a suburb of Denver.

Dan Oates said Aurora police chief that ten people were killed in the scene and four others died later after being transferred to local hospitals. He added that the police stopped the suspect and that "no evidence" of a second gunman as media reported earlier. Dan Oates, added that the suspect claimed that the explosives in his house, adding that he was evacuated the apartment complex where he was staying and that is being searched.

He said police spokesman Frank Faina to CNN that "I am CNN that" the suspect in a century, was wearing a flak jacket and carrying a rifle, two pistols, he said it had fired a gas bomb of some kind, sparking panic among the audience in the hall. Aurora and close to where the sign Kulumbaan fire in 1999 inside the high school where 13 dead and 24 wounded.

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American man to expose himself after his death!

أميركي فضح نفسه بعد وفاته!

Admitted in his obituary of all sins and the sins he committed in his life

A charlatan in Tunisia having sex with a woman in front of her husband's alleged deal with the husband watching!

مشعوذ في تونس يمارس الجنس مع سيدة أمام زوجها بدعوى معالجة الزوج العاجز جنسيا!

Tunisian court jailed swindler three years after he sexually assaulted the older and in more than one occasion a woman in front of her husband divorced her husband's alleged treatment of his illness.

American woman begging passers-by wearing a "bikini" to beautify the breasts!

أمريكية تتسول المارة وهي ترتدي

American woman chose a strange way to collect enough money for plastic surgery breasts, by wearing a bikini and walk around every day on a motorcycle beggar money from passers-by.

70 and remove the tumor from the face of China - Photos

إزالة 70 ورمًا من وجه صينية - صور

Conducted a hospital Chinese plastic surgery free mother and a Chinese poor her face was distorted with 70 tumor significantly, and after it was "me Hongfang", 40, to avoid appearing in public places after being infected with a rare form of bone cancer, caused the growth of tissues under the skin, and distortion of her features, it has become able to live life on the streets and show normally.


Iranian court required a husband his wife donated 777 flower

محكمة إيرانية تلزم زوجاً بإهداء زوجته 777 زهرة

Often ask the wives of their husbands, their wives flowers BB, but "not the life of those who advocate", but an Iranian wife knew how to compel her husband on this.
The wife has resorted to the judiciary to achieve its desire to guide her to her husband, flowers, and indeed compelled the court dedicated from 777 flower.

American woman to commit suicide as she talks to her boyfriend over the phone!

أميركية تنتحر وهي تتحدث إلى حبيبها عبر الهاتف!

I contacted a young American on her boyfriend and talked to him about their intention to commit suicide while she was sitting on the railroad that came to train and fly them into.

Livestock breeders in South Africa providing mobile phones sheep to keep the communication with

مربي مواشي في جنوب أفريقيا يزود خرفانه بهواتف نقالة للإبقاء على التواصل معها

Older cattle breeders of South African to his flock of sheep processing mobile phones, to keep contact with his animals and put an end to the repeated thefts at his ranch, located in the suburb of Grand Cape (South West)


American woman facing prison and a fine for causing a heart attack dogs to chickens!

أمريكية تواجه السجن والغرامة لتسبب كلبيها بأزمة قلبية لدجاجة!

American woman facing a prison term of one year and pay a fine worth a thousand dollars, after accusing her dogs causing a heart attack its neighbors for chickens has led to the deaths.

Judge refuses to imprison an Italian teenager raped a girl aged 5 years

قاض يرفض حبس مراهق ايطالي اغتصب طفلة عمرها 5 سنوات

The pretext that his mind veered after watching pornography on the Internet

Judge rejected a British court, imprisoned teenager, for the rape of a child five years old, on the pretext that his mind veered after watching pornography on the Internet.

American man smashes a police patrol because he wants to go to jail!

أمريكي يحطم دورية تابعة للشرطة لأنه يريد الذهاب إلى السجن!

The oldest car to break down a police patrol in Florida, asking its members to arrest him because he wants to go to prison.


If you want to work at the headquarters of the new Twitter


After that the company management decided to "Twitter" to move to new headquarters in San Francisco, the photographer, "Tori Holden," and a staff in Twitter, take a series of images for the new headquarters.

And leave you now with pictures of a major Internet companies in the world .. To recognize; We all want to work there.

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Child has a finger 31

In the case of very rare, revealed the Chinese media for Chinese children in the age of six 31 has a finger in his hands and feet, and that he will undergo surgery at a hospital in the city of Shenyang.

French newspaper published the first photos of "Ben Ali and his wife" in Saudi Arabia - Photos

صحيفة فرنسية تنشر أول صور لـ

Raised the dialogue published by French newspaper photographer of the deposed President of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his wife Leila Trabelsi yet their stability in the Kingdom of deep resentment among Tunisians.


Watermelon has "Viagra" normal

U.S. study confirmed, that the components of watermelon have an impact drive "Viagra", used by men who suffer from ED.

Parameter of an Indian school girl undressing in front of the entire Chapter

معلمة هندية تعرّي تلميذة أمام الفصل بأكمله

Security reports revealed that the Indian schoolgirl stripped in class by her teacher in West Bengal, after the teacher refused to dictate the conditions related to the school dress code according to the quoted Wayans.


Egyptian newlyweds left the wedding dressed in a horrific traffic accident

مصرع عروسين مصريين بزي الزفاف في حادث مروري مروع

The people of the couple never imagined one day that your joy by the procession will turn into a funeral, and that the way to the wedding will be the platform through death, and that their end - and some are the friends who came from Alexandria to their participation Farahthma - will be this way.

U.S. prison administration provides a reward for the prisoners managed to break the locks and exit from the cell!

ادارة سجن أمريكي تقدم مكافأة لسجناء نجحوا في كسر الأقفال والخروج من الزنزانة!

Prison management launched in the province of Fulton in Atlanta (Georgia U.S.) approach to test different models of locks used in the prison, according to the agency «Associated Press».

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