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U.S. company plans to deploy machines to distract doses of opium and marijuana and hashish!

شركة أمريكية تعتزم نشر مكائن لصرف جرعات أفيون وماريجوانا وحشيش!
It seems that dreams «owners of quality and mood» has become in the process ofturning into reality, after it began a U.S. company recently launched a projectunprecedented depends on the deployment of machines for the disbursement of dosesof marijuana and opium and hashish such as ATMs of banks!

But dreams of drug users will remain deferred until, as this project does not only provide services to registered patients who have their doctors prescribe specific doses of thesedrugs as a form of treatment.
Company based in Washington, DC-based mentioned that she finally began to publishthe ATM, which it called «Autospense», a device that patients can get doses of it with a smart card and PIN like credit cards used to withdraw cash from machines exchangeautomation in banks.
The company said it has already started in the operation of such machines in 17 states,to be published in the rest of the States after obtaining the approvals necessaryprocedural and legal. And an additional security measure, exchange machines are installed in doses of narcotic compartments inside a bullet-proof glass and equipped with surveillance cameras, security, and compartments that can not be accessed unlessa secret number in addition to fingerprint the person who is entitled to entry.


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