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Million euros to spend one night with Kelly Brook

كيلي بروك
The businessman, French his first name Frederick and display on the star English Kelly Brook a check of one million euros for signature for one night you spend with him, in the re-enactment of a scene from the movie "Andesent Proposal \ display inappropriate" to Demi Moore, where she was the heroine of the night with a stranger for one million dollars.
This was a wealthy French boycotted the photo session was Brooke (32 years) is present at the "Majestic Barrière" and presented a check of one million euros in exchange for one night with her.


Brooke and confused for a moment at the beginning and thought that the matter dump by the director and the English comedian Keith Lemon promoted by Brock for his film "Keith Lemon: The Movie" at the Cannes sixty-fifth of the films where also involved in the championship. But Frederick Thalathini did not give up and tried to pull a blatant Star: "For one night only please one night! I have money."And then I realized suddenly broke that there is a problem.
The bodyguard then to save the star was accompanied by a man away from the hotel where the expulsion of the French. She then broke her shock, although the photo session did not show any signs of fear with standing on the red carpet.
In an interview, said the businessman Frederick French such as "30 years", has "offered to Kelly million euros compared to sleep with her, I really want to sleep with Kelly, and this does not necessarily mean that I want to have sex with them."
He said I am very rich, and money is not a problem for me, and the payment of million euros was easy, and I like to accompany the beautiful women, and enjoy in the evening to go out with them, and you want to spend days with Kelly, and probably proceeded to kiss her.
Kamer said in an interview with the "Daily Mail" that "has a house in Paris and Chelsea, and that his fortune came from oil company owned by his family." He added that he "does not mention the name of the company for" security reasons ", but said that" based in the Middle East. "
He pointed out that "there is also a lot of the book in his family, including a famous novelist from Spain."
It is noteworthy that Kelly Brook English actress and model, born November 23, 1979.

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