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Talk about self-raising fun like eating and sex

AFP You talk about his life in reality or through social networks give rise to a feeling of pleasure in the brain parallel to the pleasure caused by eating or making love on a study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and published in the United States. 

This hadeeth, one for the same substance secreted dopamine in the brain, a chemical linked to a sense of pleasure or reward expectation on what stresses the study conducted by a doctor nerves and published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences.
The researchers say that men and women usually devote 30 to 40% of their words, "to inform others on their personal experiences." However, this rate approaches 80% across social networks.
The researchers emphasize that "people talk about themselves voluntarily, because it is in itself an event of definite value in the same way that provides the immediate reward other activities such as sex or eating."
To conduct their study the researchers provide a small amount of money to the volunteers to respond to questions about ordinary things they observe, and an amount less to give their opinion in a particular subject. In many cases, the individual test takers prefer to give up the biggest bonus in order to enjoy talking about themselves and express their opinion.


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