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Ukrainian activists are more attacks on the courts of bare euro

Security guards detain a demonstrating activist from women's rights organisation Femen near the Euro 2012 trophy during its unveiling to the public in central Kiev May 12, 2012. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

Ina threatened Ukrainian activists Hvchenko one organization "Femin to" do up with more "bare attacks" on the Euro 2012 games, in protest at what it called to deal with her​​as a "brothel chief".


The newspaper "The Sun" British Hvchenko remarks on Wednesday: "For fans ofparticipating teams in the tournament, not to tamper with the women of Ukraine so as not to tamper with them."

The INA, which took off her shirt a few days ago and tried to catch the Euro Cup, the most famous activists, women's rights advocates and anti-sex tourism in her country.

She Hvchenko: "What is happening is to exploit the poverty and ignorance of some women for sexual purposes dirty, so we will try to attack in every game."

In the view of the "one who", which is one of the most prominent members of Ina, the tournament will be a magnet for tourists who want to have sex is one of the most important ones that fight the problems the organization ..

Hvchenko added: "We want to make sure that our message arrived, Ukraine women are not just sexual objects satisfy your wishes, and our country is not Bait for prostitution."

The Committee emphasized the organization of Euro 2012 that it has taken severalmeasures to curb the spread of prostitution during the tournament, and after thatincreased the reputation of Ukraine as a new destination for sex tourism
Shevchenko saw what I did earlier:


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