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Moroccan raping his minor daughter and his wife, or cohabiting with his wife and sisters

مغربي يغتصب ابنته القاصر ويعاشر حماته وشقيقات زوجته
In a heinous crime shook her Moroccan street, not only did the Moroccan or lying with his wife and sisters of his wife, but deliberately to his minor daughter (6 years) to brutally raped in the same, leaving a deep wound that will not heal with the passage of years, according to the newspaper "Al-Riyadh" Saudi Arabia.

After reporting for the crime of rape of his minor daughter, was arrested the accused by security and was referred to the Attorney General for investigation, but the surprise investigators were great to show them that this wolf human has already spent three years behind bars after being convicted of defloration virginity sister of his wife, who carried the him a serial killer and gave birth to a child handed over to a family for adoption.
Has also been shown that the defendant was cohabiting with other sister to his wife, cohabiting couples, but the surprise loud that will explode in front of the investigators, was that he was having an affair on the marriage bed or his wife, admitting that he tied her illicit relationship for a period not too bad, but it gave birth to a daughter of Currently the age of five years is handed over to one of the other families to adopt and care.
The wounded investigators stunned in front of this flood of confessions exciting for this wolf human, which is tenth on the same bed for his wife's mother and sisters, his wife and fathered them children, and did not stop at that, but once he left prison until pounced on the apples of their eyes (6 years) for destroying the offer and erode the meat.


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