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Yemeni doctor loses a child senses that his name "Ali Abdullah Saleh"!

طبيب يمني يُفقد طفلاً حواسه لأن اسمه
In a strange incident, accused the father of Yemeni doctors inject a child aged two years is an appropriate medication for his condition, as the name because his name former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The newspaper "opinion" Kuwaiti father Abdullah Saleh Abrisa: "The doctor wasinitially keen on the treatment of child, but when asked for his name and knew that it looked like the president's name former Yemeni, has changed its features, thenanger very angry and rose from his seat suddenly while repeating statements such as gone .. death to the killer bully. "A recipe calling on supporters of the former president.
He said the father, "guided the doctor, but he said: So your child's name as the name killer (Ali Saleh) then he is in a state of anger install nutritious after beingadded to it a number of needles, increasing the drugs from the deterioration of his health and lost then all the senses (hearing, sight).
And became unable to walk or talk fully and was an ambulance in Sanaa, and then passed down to Children's Hospital Hospital in Cairo, Egypt, and the doctors there said he was suffering from atrophy of the brain and that medications that are unrelated to his illness before, and it now needs to use certain medications on a regular basis for life. "

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