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Egyptian "dead" back to life after a washed and shrouded

Media reported that the Egyptian and Arab Egyptian man's funeral turned into a raucouscelebration after it was discovered that the "Dead" is still alive.
The young man was Hamdi Hafez Nubian (28 years) who lived in the town of Nag quailLuxor Governorate of a heart attack during one of his restaurants and was taken toLuxor International Hospital. After a test doctors informed the relatives of the young manwith his death.

And after the transfer of "the body" Preparations were made to his home for the funeraland burial, where it was washed and shrouded. But before the start of the funeral procession to the cemetery and a doctor arrived to the house of the deceased had a duty to give the buried and allowed to sign the death certificate. But before they do their work routine, it decided to take a look at the deceased and checked again to make sureof his death. Here, the doctor was surprised that his heart is still beating, albeit with difficulty, although his breathing is very weak, and the news of the young people that heis alive, and proceeded to activate the heart of the "dead" until he returned toconsciousness.
No sooner had the young man opened his eyes and uttered a word until his motherfainted from joy and surprise, and the audience, with the help of a doctor, bring it back toconsciousness, the funeral turned into raucous celebration of the return to the Nubianlife.


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