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Swiss publish a declaration to attract people, "torture-loving" to grill his girlfriend!

سويسري ينشر إعلاناً لإجتذاب الأشخاص
Began in Switzerland Swiss trial, published a declaration to attract people who love the torture of others, to participate in what purported to have been a plan to torture hisgirlfriend and daughter and killed and Hoaúhma.

And dissemination of a man "53 years", an advertisement in an online forum in 2010, claiming that the Declaration by the friendly and requests people with experience in thetorture and murder of a barbecue.
He was charged with incitement to murder, kidnapping and sexual coercion, andrequested the court, sentenced to imprisonment for 17 years, in addition to undergoingpsychiatric treatment.
The newspaper "Tages - Anzeiger" of Switzerland, said that the accused in court inWinterthur, near Zurich, it is only spread the message in order to generate fictitiousfancies, was not intended to facilitate the killing of women and her daughter "12 years".
The news agency said "dam" of Switzerland, that the man put in the ad title both possible victims, as well as a detailed description of what they should do.
About 40 people responded to his letter, including a man went to the woman's home at night, and told her that he came to kill her, closed the door in his face, then fled.
It is noteworthy that one of those who responded to the letter, he led a secret police officer doing his job to arrest the suspect.


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