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Japanese researchers are opening the way for the treatment of cultured hair baldness "mice"

باحثون يابانيون يفتحون الطريق لعلاج الصلع باستنبات شعر
In step a new science that will open up broad prospects for the treatment of baldness Researchers in the lab Tsuji for Scientific Research and Technology of the University of Tokyo clinical trials proved successful, they were able, during which grow hair of mice by implanting primary cells derived from stem cells for rodents subject experiences that were completely free of hair.

The supervisor Professor Takaceda experiences they have not only succeeded inbreeding the mice felt that was completely free of hair, but continued to grow hair on theouter skin naturally whenever the loss according to its natural resources.

He expressed optimism about the possibility of using this technique in modern culturefelt for people who suffer from loss in the future, pointing out that although the growth ofprimary cells in the form of tissue or organs requires the need to be extracted from embryos, but the experiments also demonstrated the possibility of extraction of stem cells for adults.


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