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Dubai: charged with "indecent assault under duress" to an Arab by the hand of his master by force

دبي: توجيه تهمة
Looked at the Dubai Criminal Court, held under the chairmanship of Judge Maher Salama al-Mahdi, and the membership of judges, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen Abdel-Aziz al-Saadani, the issue of sales 


representative of Arab nationality was 37 years old, a woman accused him of kissing her forcibly without her consent, during their time together in an elevator building.  According to court records, according to statements of the victim it while they are in the elevator of the building where you live with the accused, asked her to give him her hand to kiss her but she refused and expressed amazement at his request, adding that she was surprised after the show rejected the request of the accused having to withdraw her hand and kissing her unwillingly, on behalf of Dubai for its part, sent a representative charge indecent assault under duress.

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