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Facebook founder to marry his girlfriend

Married Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook social networking girlfriend PriscillaChan on Saturday, announcing his wedding by updating his condition on the site.


And on page Zuckerberg on Facebook "impressed" tens of thousands to change his condition and Zuckerberg, who was accompanied by a couple and two wedding clothes.
The billionaire Zuckerberg (28 years) is also Executive Director of Facebook, which has had a historic initial public offering on the Nasdaq on Friday.
Zuckerberg and co-founded Facebook in a student residence at Harvard University sinceeight years. He met with Zuckerberg and Chan at Harvard.
I think they are invited to the ceremony came to celebrate the graduation of Chan, who graduated from the Faculty of just medicine at the University of California at SanFrancisco, but they were surprised that they are invited to the wedding.
The Zuckerberg for Chan "ring very simple" by Sapphire stone. Zuckerberg says he putthe ring design.


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