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Thailand: children found the bodies of gold-plated to practice black magic

تايلاند ذهب
hai police have arrested a British possession of bags filled with the bodies of children believed to be gold plated for use in black magic.
And detained by Thai police at the airport in the Thai capital Bangkok Zhou Hawk Quinn (28 years), the British assets of Thailand after finding the remains of children in his possession believed he was trying to smuggle them into Thailand for use in black magic, according to the newspaper 'Daily Mail' The British, faced Quinn death one year in prison and a fine of £ 40 if convicted of the charges against him.


Said the officer Ioat Komichoman unit to protect children and women in a Thai police: 'the bodies of children between the ages of two and seven months, some of which were found covered in gold which is intended for use in black magic and sorcery dirty work.
Thai police said that had not yet been able to determine who provided the bodies, including the bodies of children showing the numbers and the number of religious literature and tattoos.
In Thailand, organized horrific ritual known as 'Kuman Thong' where children are removed surgically from the dead mother's womb and are subject to the rituals of celebration, in order to use in black magic and sorcery.
The Thai police had received a communication from the bodies of children are displayed for sale to wealthy clients across the site announces services black magic and sorcery, and the body of a person to buy Thailand with four thousand pounds sterling, it is possible that sold more than 6 times that amount.
Is still practiced black magic ritual known as the horrific 'Koeman Thong' in Thailand, where astrologers organizes celebrations to face bad luck.And black magic or witchcraft dark is a form of sorcery that depend on the powers spiteful or malicious assumed, and this magic can be invoked and used to kill and steal, and abuse and also to cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to the harmful effects of others.

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