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Kidnaps a young Russian "bus" to return to his home!

شاب روسي يختطف
Face of a young Russian city of Kirov in central Russia in jail for up to five years on charges of kidnapping, "bus" to protest the delay in his driver, who left him and went to a nearby supermarket.

A police source said the local, according to the Agency (RIA Novosti) Russian news agency that the accused had boarded "bus" for the night he was drunk to take him to his house, and when he delayed the driver decided to be led by himself but is stopped aftera distance of a few as a result of its exit from the path which led to the suspension of the arrival of electricity to engine.
The driver of the car and obtained the arrest of the young perpetrator of the incident, which did not result in injury to any passengers, although it has caused the closure of the road to traffic for some time, and handed over to the police where he confessed to afterbring him out of sugar to drive to his desire to return to the house.


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