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Saudi man saves patients, led by an ambulance!

شاب سعودي يُنقذ مريضاً بقيادة سيارة إسعاف!
Saved the young man in the province of Rene patients admitted to hospital after suffering a traffic accident, not after a driver to take him to the ambulance to the hospital, King Abdullah Bisha, after waiting for more than three hours.

The people with the patient that they filed a formal complaint to the Governor Rene against the neglect of the hospital and the poor quality of ambulances and the lack of drivers, adding that two of their children exposed to a traffic accident, one of his eloquent and decided to convert it to King Abdullah Bisha "our search for a driver to take him without being found, and comes a young donors led by the ambulance and rescue the patient. "
For his part, said the young man, "c. P": The leadership of the ambulance from the door to save his patient, who was a threat to it, waiting for the driver kindly rescued him, pointing out that he was surprised that there is no fuel in the ambulance so he filled out at his own expense.
For his part, Governor Rene Abdullah Uthaymeen said there has been negligence must be held accountable is causing it, pointing out that monitoring the neglect personally when he visited the emergency department of the moment of the accident, standing on a citizen's complaint and other complaints from a number of citizens.
He Uthaymeen: "I met with the director of the hospital actually confessed the existence of deficits in the hospital between the lack of consultants, and the disruption of CT, as well as a large deficit in the ambulance drivers, in addition to the presence of ambulances between the old and dilapidated."
The Uthaymeen interest in the hospital and his dissatisfaction with the weak potential and what is happening by requiring the intervention of the excesses of the competent authorities for investigation.


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