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Ongoing arrests of protesters, "Wall Street"

Demonstrators "occupied the Wall Street" fear the continued repression of the security (Reuters - Archive)

U.S. police arrested 53 people from the movement of protesters "occupied the Wall Street" during the years in the park evacuated the city of Atlanta, Georgia, United States Wednesday, the day after the storm the protest camp in the city of Oakland, California, and the arrest of 85 people.
The fear many of the participants in these demonstrations of the police response after use of violence several times in the right of peaceful protests, according to participants.
In the state of California contributes to scene security enhancements in Auckland, tension in the movement of protesters "occupied the Wall Street" who regarded these actions are not justified and could lead to the use of violence against the protesters as happened in the last month, where one protester was wounded seriously wounded.
And the face of officials in the cities where these protest movements, messages of the demonstrators in the camps, urging them to respect the laws and not to damage public property or the interests of the population, the demands of the protesters said their response to it.
The movement was "occupied the Wall Street" has inspired its name from the Street Business and famous in New York, where I started there first protests on September 17 / September last, to condemn what is described greedily major corporations and the concentration of money in limited categories, but soon she protests that expanded to include states and American cities and the capitals of Western and world including London, Tokyo, Ottawa and Sydney.

Source: Associated Press

Rare books library Islamic Israel

In the library Mus writing dates back to the pre-1200 years, written in Kufic script, decorated with carvings and Islamic inlaid with pure gold, and there are also personal Koran to the Sultan Selim I printed in Persia 600 years ago, and it concluded by the Sultan himself.

The library is also a rare book combines three letters of the mark "Ibn Taymiyyah" line one of his disciples, in addition to the value of books in Turkish and Persian.

There are within these anecdotes about alpha and 184 and a Koran and a book manuscript, collected in the history of a Jewish scholar named Abraham Halobrehma Islam after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

And stresses the responsible library called Rakhil Bochelis that this Koran belonged to the ninth century AD, describing her treasures, which reached Cairo after the collapse of the Islamic State, pointing out that Abraham bought some of them.

However, the head of Al-Aqsa Mosque manuscripts Bakirat successful, is likely to be the Koran, and references have been stolen from the Iraqi Museum, Baghdad Central, after falling in the hands of the U.S. occupation in 2003.

And confirms the specialists of the National Library contain a hundred thousand Israeli writers and two thousand manuscript, relating to Bensoh and history of Islam.

Source: Al-Jazeera

Change the rules of the throne in Britain

Queen Elizabeth received speech at the Commonwealth summit in Perth (European)
Agreed Sixteen members of the Commonwealth on Friday in principle to cancel the old rules had prevented the female or married to Catholics ascend the throne of Britain.
He said British Prime Minister David Cameron at the opening of a summit in Perth, Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government (53 countries) in the presence of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, there was no longer the meaning of those rules that were governing the throne of Britain.
Cameron added, "we decided to abandon the rule that prevents a married or married to a Catholic or a Catholic from the throne," pointing to a law that dates back to 1701. But will have to ascend the British throne to be a Protestant because he is head of the Anglican Church.
He said British Prime Minister, "but it is unfair to not be able to the king or the queen or the crown prince from marrying a Catholic or a Catholic, because he can or can already marry another religion."
It is noteworthy that the current Queen of England - which is the head of state in ten members of the six countries that have agreed to change the old rules - assumed the throne in 1953 because it was not her brother.
It has become the issue of reforming the rules governing the ownership of Britain's less marriage with Prince William (son of Princes Charles and Diana) in April / April.
And Prince William - who won and his wife Kate Medelton the title of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from the Queen - is the second in order to ascend the throne after his father Prince Charles, who is now the Crown Prince.
Is due to form an international group to oversee the reforms that have been agreed in principle at the top of Perth, to enter into force simultaneously in the six ten, including Australia, Canada, Jmaecha and New Zealand as well as countries in the Pacific and of course the United Kingdom.
Britain was conservative in the review of these rules for fear of promoting anti-monarchy movements, especially as opinion polls show a surge of the tendencies of the Republic in the countries members of the Commonwealth, including Canada and Australia.
In a speech at the summit, said Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard that the Commonwealth must be renewed itself changing times.
For his part, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma said the summit will examine the proposals include the formation of independent commission to monitor human rights situation in the Member States.

Source: Agencies

100 thousand dollars to the families of Israeli soldier

Declared the Islamic preacher Sheikh Awad Al-Qarni for substantial financial reward of $ 100 thousand U.S. dollars to any Palestinians kidnapped an Israeli soldier, in response to financial reward announced by the Israeli family to anyone who killed a prisoner exchange deal editors in the latter.
The Al-Qarni yet on the social networking site (Facebook) that the media picked up news of the payment settlers Zionists reward great to anyone who killed a Palestinian prisoners freed, and display a response to that declaration, affirming his commitment to pay the reward to any Palestinian is inside Palestine capture of an Israeli military to commute by the Palestinian prisoners.
And received a reward-Qarni - a professor of jurisprudence and advocate of senior Saudi known for backing the Palestinian cause - very welcome on the part of activists, Facebook and Twitter, where he expressed commentators admire the announcement Qarni praised his positions in support of the Palestinian issue, is that a page-Qarni exposed to piracy which was deleted some comments on the inviting him to kidnap Israeli soldiers in Palestine.
The family of Afman living in one of the settlements in the West Bank has announced a cash prize of $ 100 thousand dollars to anyone who killed soldiers editors Khuwaylid and Nizar Ramadan, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) who were convicted of murder 13 years ago and Afman Shlomo Harel Ben-Nun.
And two brothers sentenced to life imprisonment, then released in a deal swapping Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the farther one to the Gaza Strip and the other to Turkey.
And published family Afman advertising in a website continued to extremist settlers in the West Bank, in Hebrew, Arabic and English in addition to Turkish, appear in the Declaration Two Two recent editors of the captive with a promise of a prize of 100 thousand dollars for Iktlhma.
The Palestinians celebrated Tuesday the completion of the first phase of the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, which was the release of 477 prisoners and prisoner exchange for Shalit, that is implementing the second phase of the deal and released two months later which of 550 Palestinian prisoners.

Source: Al Jazeera + Reuters

Reports of virus in the brains of Mubarak

Newspaper editor Egyptian medical sources that the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is currently under medical follow-up intensive International Medical Center because of a virus in the brain, noting that it was called doctors from Germany and France three times in the past ten days to discuss his condition.
Mubarak and lying in the weeks since the International Medical Center, a hospital affiliated to the Egyptian army on the road between the capital city of Cairo and Ismailia, after being transferred from hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh, who remained faithful to the period.
And tried Mubarak issues spoiled, and killing of demonstrators Revolution January 25 that ousted him, but he was not subject to pretrial detention similar to what happened to his two sons, Alaa and Gamal and his interior minister, Habib el-Adli, where authorities considered appropriate that his health required to stay in the hospital.
The newspaper, citing unnamed sources, The case of Mubarak volatile and unstable, noting that the tests he underwent two days ago, emphasized the need to continue in use tranquilisers to treat his psychological state, in parallel with the drugs for the heart and the pressure and inflammation of the nerves, also the removal of the TV from his room not subjected to tension.
The other hand, newspaper pointed out that Mubarak received yesterday his lawyer Fred Deeb to talk about the issue of preventing him and his wife Susan fixed and two sons Alaa and Gamal and their spouses from disposing of their money, an issue considered by the Giza Criminal Court today decided to support the decision of a graft placement of these funds, whether liquid or movable.

Source: Egyptian press

Gaddafi's killers will be tried

Rebels express their joy of killing Gaddafi (the island)
Transitional National Council declared Thursday that the killers of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan would be brought to trial, following the uproar raised by the circumstances of his death.
Abdul Hafeez Goukh Vice President of the Council in a press statement, "For Gaddafi, we do not wait to tell us what anyone should do."
"We started an investigation, and issued a charter of ethics in the treatment of prisoners of war, and I am sure that this was an act of an individual and not the work of the national army or the rebels." He continued that "any person responsible for this (killing Gaddafi) would be prosecuted and will get a fair trial."
The council declared that Gaddafi was buried before dawn on Tuesday in a secret location in Libya, and a number of relatives of Gaddafi walked arrived upon the presence of representatives from the local council and the military council of the city of Tripoli, after the advisory opinion of the Supreme Council for Fatwa endorsed Ghariani to deal with the body according to Islamic law.
Some observers attributed the briefing the burial place of Gaddafi's secret to the "careful - it seems - not to be a symbol of his grave."
It is noteworthy that Gaddafi - who ruled Libya for nearly 42 years - died last Thursday at the hands of the rebels Libyan city of Sirte, his hometown, who took him out of the tube exchange was hiding after an air strike to NATO, after a lapse of nearly eight months the start of the Libyan revolution in February 17 last year.
The photographs showed mobile phones Gaddafi alive at the time of his arrest.

Descriptive Gaddafi called to investigate the circumstances
Death of her husband (European - Archive)

Criticism of RussianHe criticized the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday images "disgusting" by the killing Gaddafi broadcast by "international media". Putin said "most of the Gaddafi family members were killed, and his body was offered to all international channels, it is impossible to see these scenes without feeling disgusted. What is this?!".
"The image showed a man covered in blood and wounded is still alive and beaten to death. And offered all of this on the screens." He explained, "millions of people see these scenes, including the children, this is not moving pictures .. this is not a good thing."
He also criticized U.S. President Barack Obama broadcast scenes of the bloody end to the Libyan colonel late, saying that "even those who have done terrible things, they deserve reverence upon their death."
Claims to achieveAnd each of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations and Amnesty International, "Amnesty" called for an investigation into the circumstances of the killing Gaddafi.
The Commission called last Friday to open a full investigation into the death of al-Gaddafi, and expressed concern that he may have been executed. He said UNHCR spokesman Rupert Colville said that there is much uncertainty about what actually happened, pointing out that there are four or five stories of how his death.
He added that the footage showing the arrest of Colonel Libyan alive then shown dead, and said, "We are not in a position to us to say what happened then, but we feel it is very important to clarify this, so there must be a serious investigation into what happened and the reasons for his death."
In response to a question whether the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is worried about the possibility of their execution of the Gaddafi During his captivity, Colville said that one of the possibilities when you see the footage and therefore is in need of an investigation.
He explained that the basic principles of international law calls for the trial of the defendants in serious crimes, if possible, and considered that the executions without trial is illegal under any circumstance.
For its part, Amnesty International, "Amnesty International" last Thursday to open an independent investigation into the circumstances of the death of al-Gaddafi, and urged the Transitional National Assembly to end the "culture of abuse."
The organization called on human rights in a statement issued from London Transitional Council to publish the facts of the death of Gaddafi after "an independent and objective," the statement said those facts should be made to the Libyan people.
In turn, the widow of Gaddafi called descriptive investigation of the circumstances of his death after he was arrested by the Libyan fighters Transitional Council, as quoted by Al Rai pro-regime ousted.
The widow said Gaddafi, according to the channel quoted her as "my husband proud valiantly struggling Muammar Gaddafi and the children who stood up to aggression forty countries and its customers over the past six months, and when God Ahsabhm with the martyrs and the saints."

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

News of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi crossing of the Niger

Image gathering Abdullah Sanusi (right) and the late Colonel Libyan Saif al-Islam (Al-Jazeera - Archive)

Said a senior official of the Libyan Transitional National Council, told Reuters that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, required by the ICC through the Libyan border to Niger.
The unnamed official, who told Reuters that Saif al-Islam was in contact with Mali and South Africa and with other neighboring countries to regulate the exit did not get a confirmation yet, still waiting.
According to Reuters, the Saif al-Islam, son of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is trying to give himself up out of fear for his life if he was arrested in Libya, but the official said he did not find a way yet to do so.
On the other hand, was quoted by The Associated Press to a president's advisers Nigerian saying that the President of the former Libyan intelligence Abdullah Sanusi arrived to Mali after that through the territory of Niger, where he hid for several days in the desert north of the country, and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, in his way is the other to Mali.

The agency said the Chancellor - who did not want to be named, the sensitivity of the matter - said that Sanusi, required by the International Police (Interpol), financial income late Wednesday night through the Kidal region adjacent to the Niger. She said he was protected unit consisting of about 12 people arrived in a convoy led by men from the Malian Tuareg. The consultant added that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the other is on the way to Mali across the dividing line between Algeria and Mali.
The Chancellor, a senior Tuareg tribesmen that
Was strongly supports the late Colonel and remained faithful to him despite the official position of the Government of Niger in support of the rebels of Libya, Saif al-Islam in Mali is the way to the other. He is currently between Niger and Algeria, and shall protect the Touareg is the Sanusi, and they chose to stay in the desert.

The agency said that the men of the Tuareg in Agadez met Thursday to discuss the potential conflict because of greater access Libyan aide to the late Colonel in the light of the commitment of the Government of Niger to extradite any person wanted by the International Criminal Court.
The International Tribunal issued last June notes the arrest of Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam al-Sanusi and crimes against humanity, after the UN Security Council referred the situation in Libya to the court last February.
It was about 30 loyalists of the late Colonel system, including his son, Saadi, had fled to Niger in September / September last, but was arrested by the government there and imposed house arrest.
In Mali, said Director of State Security Hildbert Traore he could not confirm the entry Sanusi territory of Mali, P "Until now we could not locate the Sanusi, whether in our territory or other territories." Traore said that people like Sanusi often keen to contact the State authorities concerned before entering it, "but he has not contacted us to say that he is coming."
And the International Criminal Court said Wednesday it could not confirm that Saif al-Islam, son of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah Sanusi intend to surrender to the court.
Said court spokesman Fadi Al-Abdullah "We have no confirmation on this matter, now trying to contact the Libyan Transitional National Council for more information."
Earlier Wednesday, said a senior military official in the Council that Saif al-Islam al-Sanusi and propose a surrender to the tribunal in The Hague.
Said Abdul Majeed Mliqth told Reuters from Libya said they proposed a way to deliver themselves to the court in The Hague.
Mliqth said they felt that they would not be immune to the survival in Libya or Algeria, or went to Niger, which resorted to them already members of the family of Colonel al-Libi.

Source: Associated Press

Contacts between the "criminal" and Saif al-Islam Ibn Muammar Gaddafi

Picture of Saif al-Islam last month in an undisclosed location in Libya (Reuters)

Detection of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Luis Moreno-Ocampo on Friday for informal talks with Saif al-Islam, son of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to surrender himself to the court.

Ocampo stressed in an interview with CNN that the U.S., there are informal talks through intermediaries on Saif al-Islam, without elaborating on the argument.

The prosecutor said in a statement issued by the court, "we know from the informal channels that there is a group of mercenaries on Saif al-Islam was transferred to the (state) of an African is not a member of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court."

He added that the Public Prosecutor's Office was investigating the possibility of intercepting any aircraft within the airspace of a Member State to arrest him.

Ocampo pointed out that "Saif al-Islam - if they surrendered - Vsimta their rights and will remain innocent until proven guilty," adding that the case against him will be often.
A senior military official said Wednesday Transitional Council that Saif al-Islam and former intelligence chief Abdullah Sanusi fugitives themselves endanger the delivery of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Said Abdul Majeed Mliqth then told Reuters from Libya, they propose a way to deliver themselves to the Court in The Hague.

Saif al-Islam was a fugitive since the invasion of forces loyal to the Transitional Council in the Libyan city of Sirte on the twentieth of this month, where he killed his father and his brother Muammar Mu'tasim.

The International Police (Interpol) has issued on September 8 / September last arrest warrant against a red Saif al-Islam and his father and former CIA Director Sanusi, at the request of the International Criminal Court on charges of crimes against humanity.

Source: Agencies

Penalty for cafe bomber in Morocco

The cafe, which was targeted bombing on April 28 / April (French)

A Moroccan court on Friday sentenced to death just the Ottoman accused of bombing a cafe in Marrakech in April / last April that killed 17, mostly tourists.

The Court of terrorism in Sale near the capital Rabat on the defendant to life imprisonment, while the issued sentences ranging between two and four years against seven other defendants.

The bombing, which occurred on April 28 / April aimed at the center of Marrakech cafe Argana, which is an attractive area for tourists to enjoy its palaces and historic places.

According to the Moroccan Interior Ministry, the mastermind of the attack just the Ottoman (25 years) entered the cafe posing as a customer and planting bag containing bombs and then left the place and was detonated by remote control.

The lawyer insisted that his client is innocent Ottomans and he admitted so under duress.

These provisions have raised the resentment of the people who mocked the victims of the prison sentences of two or four years, said Sombrit that killed her daughter in the bombing, "the world will laugh at Aadaltkm, Morocco has betrayed us."

It is noteworthy that Morocco did not resort to the death penalty since 1992, and Marrakesh is the worst bombing attack "terrorist" is located in the Kingdom since the Casablanca bombings in 2003 carried out by 12 people blow themselves up and killed 33 civilians.

Source: Agencies

New arrests of protesters in America

Protesters camped in several U.S. cities, yards (French - Archive)

U.S. police arrested earlier on Friday in San Diego, California, more than sixty activists of the "occupied the Wall Street" and evacuated camps were staging a sit-in whichsupporters of the movement.

He said city police spokesman David Stafford said police arrested 51 people who werestaging a protest in front of the municipality of San Diego three weeks ago, and arrested11 others in a nearby park.

The movement began, "occupied the Wall Street" since the September / September lastcontinuous protests in several U.S. cities against what it calls "the greed of big business,"and calls the movement for social justice, she says, very few controlled the wealth ofAmericans.

The process of evacuation of the protesters in San Diego after three days of clashesbetween police and activists of the movement itself in Oakland near San Francisco,wounding one person seriously injured.

And San Diego police confirmed they had received in the past three weeks, "severalcomplaints" about the camp, condemning the "conditions of poor sanitation and the spread of the drug and the accumulation of waste."

Supporters of "occupied the Wall Street" are preparing for protests winter (French - Archive)

Ready for the winterIn the meantime, reports that supporters of "occupied the Wall Street" in the entire United States are preparing for winter conditions, where they began collecting - through donations - clothes, blankets and mattresses appropriate to sit in the cold season.

The activists also seeks to provide a mobile and a small family tents suitable for winter, which amount to which the degrees of temperature in some cities very low levels.

And different ways to deal with U.S. authorities to the protests of "occupied the Wall Street", where allowed to vary between Hamas militants sit and protest, and the prevention and disperse the sit-ins by force and arrest militants.

Fmdh example, New York Michael Bloomberg said Friday that the protesters at Memorial Park in the city center where they can stay as much as they please as long as they respect the law, adding that the responsibility of maintaining the safety of protesters and protect their rights.

However, police intervened against the protesters in several cities, including Oakland, California, Atlanta and San Diego and Nashville, Tennessee, and these interventions have resulted in the injury and the arrest of hundreds of activists.

In the past week alone has been arrested 39 activists in Nashville, and was released later, in San Diego yesterday arrested more than sixty people, and one hundred protesters were arrested in Auckland earlier.

Source: Agencies

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