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Japanese plant displays bra substitute for "air conditioner" in the summer

مصنع ياباني يعرض حمالة صدر تغني عن
Show Japanese manufacturer of women's underwear in Tokyo yesterday, refreshing brahelps women to bear the heat in the summer without the need to use conditioner, which consumes a lot of energy.

Bra and contain so-called "land Super Cool" and designed by the Japanese factory"Triumph Japan" on the material placed in the refrigerator for a few hours to cool.
The factory in a statement that "it is worn on the skin feel refreshed."

In order to revive the senses as a whole, is decorated bra paper Mint issued a refreshing smell and a traditional bell.
But this unique stretcher equipped with a short skirt-like window nets or bamboo would not be put on the market. Has been designed with one goal, namely to show the importance of innovation to reduce the use of electricity, especially to Japan, which was deprived of its nuclear reactors session may suffer a shortage of electricity in part if notthe limits of every citizen of the consumption of electrical current.


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