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Wait a young Russian usurped out of prison after 10 years to kill him

شاب روسي إنتظر خروج مغتصبه من السجن بعد 10 أعوام ليقتله
Face of a young Russian region, "perm" Russia's central prison for up to 15 years, on charges of killing a person who had sexually raped as a child ten years ago.

According to published in the "seventh day of the Egyptian," the young man (21 years) and that has not been named, had waited out his rival, who lives with him in the same village from prison after the expiry of the sentence had been sentenced to it, where he had to kill him in revenge for the rape of forced as a child.
The local police source as Russia currently has custody of the young offender in preparation for transmission to eliminate after fulfilling the procedures for the issue.


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