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In India: shock his private plane .. He died

Indian businessman who died Saturday after he hit his private plane when he was takingpictures of her in the town airstrip Bartabur India. The newspaper "Times or Aye," the police said Mukesh Garg (40 years) died following a collision with his plane for the four-seat, at an airstrip in the town of Uttar Pradesh Bartabur.

Official sources said that the airport is not used for commercial flights but also forrecreational trips undertaken by the business. She added that Garg was submitted tothe airport for a recreational trip with his friends, but he did not intend to ride the plane, but asked them to do a trip a small on board, and he was taking photos of them from the ground, but the plane landed after 15 minutes and was Garg at a distance of seriousrunway , he hit one of the blades the engine. Garg, and suffered serious injuries in the head, and that the plane stopped and people rushed to the scene, he had died. It is noted that the pilot and his assistant were slightly wounded.


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