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Australian woman accuses her husband of raping her 50 years ago!

امرأة استرالية تتهم زوجها باغتصابها قبل 50 عاماً!
Australian court approved the trial of a man at the age of 81 years after his wifeaccused him of raping her 50 years ago.

The Supreme Court issued a ruling which said the Australian that there is no legal impediment to the old man's trial for the alleged rape of his ex-wife has more than50 years.
The man said he had not committed any criminal offense because the principle ofmarriage existed at the time.
The man hoped to set aside a judgment by a lower court under the law stipulatesthat a man is guilty when he raped his wife.
The man's lawyers failed in an acquittal, saying that there is a law in 1963 statesthat marriage means of satisfaction, then it is not guilty of the offenses for which to do at that time.
The man accused of rape by his former wife in 2009, prompted him to carry out a series of challenges to the indictment alleged.

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