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3 girls acquitted of charges of gang rape of 17 young men at gunpoint!

تبرئة 3 فتيات من تهمة اغتصاب جماعي لـ 17 شاباً تحت تهديد السلاح!
Acquitted by a court in Zimbabwe 3 girls night charged with rape of 17 youths at gunpoint in order to collect their sperm to be used for magic and sorcery, there is nophysical evidence to prove the charge against them.

The Court justified its ruling in accordance with the site e-news «All Ordinaries Africa»that the DNA testing that has been used in the case did not prove the existence of a relationship between the girls and men, but said they kept the charge of prostitution onthe three girls.
The police had received following the arrest of three girls and all of them in the twentiesof age by one of the patrols and found inside their vehicle on a large quantity ofcondoms, a barrage of communications by a large number of youths accused of girlsraped by force at gunpoint in order to get the semen to be used for the purposes ofwitchcraft.


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