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Star Raven loves to have sex with girls

رايفن سيمون
Raised many of speculation when it was reported that the Disney star Raven Simone lives with fashion model in an apartment in New York.
Raven, who currently lives with supermodel 'AzMarie Livingston' I wrote yesterday on her Twitter: 'I live my own life my way and I'm happy'
Said Raven -26 years - to follow the 35-A: 'I'm not the first that does not reveal her love life, and will not start now, sexual orientation only to me, I am not of the people who put their own lives show only my professional life'.

 It continued: 'This is my right as a human being, whether you're straight or similar sex, to say or not say, as long as I do not hurt the one'.
Is referred to that Raven Simone Christina Pierman (born December 10, 1985 and known Breifn Simon) is an actress and a singer and producer of television and fashion designer an American family of simple living in Georgia Atlanta began her career since she was on the third of her life in the famous series The Cosby Kateflh star the role of Olivia and succeeded in this role and formed her first album What A Little Child are Made of and then in the Age thirteenth Dr.dolittle represented in the film with actor Eddie Murphy in Part I, II and achieved revenues of high Box Office.
In 2003 Disney Channel Chanel Wright talent Raven Simone and formed a drama series successful That So Raven, which has achieved tremendous success in America and more than 400,000,000 million viewers and the highest vote for the best series of family comedy and the longest string in the Disney Channel Chanel ended in 2006 and the beginning of 2007 and 2008 series of perfected success his name Cory In The House In 2008 appeared Raven Simone in her new film College Road Trip, which has achieved tremendous success in the Box Office to 64,899,000 million issued lags copy on CD-ROMs, and participated Raven Simone a lot of cinematographic works, including film successful for four Panthers girls styled girls singing group first produced a successful Disney
And perfected in the successful episodes characteristic of the Series Disney guest of honor in That So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana, in the year 2006 represented the role of the heroine of the film in For One Night, which prevent from the show due to some critics, was considered by some kind of racism and distortion I heard the country, and also the Raven participated some of thecartoons, including Every one is Hero in 2006 as the voice of the black girl Marty Brewster.

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