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Tribal massacre in Yemen on the back of the feet of the rape of a donkey donkey!

مذبحة قبلية في اليمن على خلفية إقدام حمار على اغتصاب حمارة!
I got a tribal massacre in the «father» of Yemen on the back of the feet of the rape of a donkey donkey back to their property in two different clans.

The media Yemeni and Arab to be a donkey owned by the clan «presses» the oldest on the rape donkey «donkey» owned by the clan «Bani Abbas» in the open air, which prompted the owner of the donkey to hit the ass, which is fueling the anger of the children «presses» and invited them to assemble The assault on the man's donkey.
And the evolution of it later between the two families to the extent the use of firearms, grenades, which ultimately led to the fall of 15 people from both sides were killed or wounded.
And a local security source said that «the police is conducting an inquiry in the«massacre »after the arrest of 8 persons from two families, in addition to patients whoare treated at hospitals and police who considered them among those arrested in connection with the incident».


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