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Characteristics of a new marketing on Facebook before an initial public offering prospective

Facebook revealed for new ways to enable companies to reach out directly to the users of social networking months in the world, who number 845 million across all electronic devices including mobile phone while preparing for an initial public offering many billions of dollars.
And workers can markets through advertising "Premium on Facebook" (Premium Online Facebook) New broaden the base of their deployment on the social network to pay the fee for recording a video or a voucher or any other message to appear on the home pages for users of Facebook or on a page to log off or even page news for usersAnd free page news yet of messages advertising with pay.
Said Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Facebook for marketing programs world in front of about 1,000 guests in the hall of the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan on Wednesday, "Our vision for marketing is that any content you see you or I on our news will be good as long as coming from a friend or a family member."
The new features represent the latest batch of Facebook to convince companies to spend money on ads through the first global social network instead of using Facebook as a marketing tool free of charge. It also highlights the efforts of the first new ads from Facebook to generate returns from growing segments of consumers who use the service through mobile phones.
The e-marketing analyst Debra Williamson "Bermam and mobile advertising will help Facebook to reap more revenue from private ads major brands such as Wal - Mart and Makis."
She added, "Bermam will allow more room for advertisers to connect on Facebook, but they have to pay for this."
The new features will allow other companies as well as celebrities and brands are the establishment of a private mini-sites within Facebook using the model (time series) Timeline provided by the users in their own pages earlier this year.
The executives said - in a meeting attended by hundreds of officials, advertising and marketing companies - the service (s Facebook) Facebook Pages will be available on smart phones later this year.
And about half can Facebook users login to this service through mobile phones, but the company did not provide yet any ads on the mobile phone is a gap in the marketing of Facebook and hindrance to marketers trying to reach those users.
Facebook plans - created by Marc Zukirberj bedroom accommodation in the students at Harvard - to raise five billion dollars in an initial public offering will be the largest ever among technology companies in Silicon Valley.
Source: Reuters

Obama issues new guidelines for indefinite detention and torture

Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)
Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)
President Obama issued a policy directive on Tuesday that was quickly portrayed as a resolve to his right to detain US citizens without trial. In reality, the plan is a carefully crafted PR move that doesn’t strip his absolute power over Americans.
The presidential policy directive released by the White House this week comes nearly two months to the day after US President Barack Obama approved the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA FY12), a detrimental law to each and every American that has attracted criticism from all sides of the political system since passed. On December 31, 2011, the president inked the legislation allowing for the indefinite detention of alleged terrorists and the confinement of those accused under the jurisdiction of the US military without due process. In his latest offering from the Oval Office though, Obama is insisting that the United States requires more wiggle-room in how it goes about regulating the provision that puts suspects in the Pentagon’s custody. 
The signing could indeed bring a cease to the requirement of military detainment for alleged adversaries of America, a requirement that is authorized under Section 1022 of the act. It does not, however, squash the indefinite detention without trial provision of Section 1021, nor does it negate the fact that the US government has already allowed itself to approve a nasty legislation that denounces the civil liberties of every American and has marred the administration of a president who campaigned on upholding constitutional rights.
Only hours after the New Year’s Eve signing, American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony Romero said, "President Obama's action … is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law.”
The president is now responding, but the truth is his reply is much too little and almost, legally, too late.
In explaining his reasoning for issuing this week’s directive, Obama did not exactly denounce any provision of the NDAA, but instead insisted that the White House "must retain the flexibility to determine how to apply those tools to the unique facts and circumstances we face in confronting this diverse and evolving threat.” To do so, wrote the president, the United States government must go about handling Section 1022 of the NDAA in a different manner that would relieve the country from any added security threat.
Under Section 1022 as approved by Congress and authorized by the president, the US Armed Forces can hold and capture a wide range of applicants under military provision, including but not limited to “a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force” and anyone “to have participated in the course of planning of carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners.”
In section ‘a,’ paragraph 3 of the provision, “Military Custody for Foreign Al-Qaeda Terrorists,” the president is allotted the power to pen a waiver for national security that would waive selected foreign parties from the military detainment allowance. Section ‘c,’ paragraph 1, gives Obama 60 days to detail procedures for implementing Section 1022 — this week’s policy directive comes exactly 59 days into the two-month window.
Under his latest addendum, the president argued that placing alleged terrorists into military custody “would undermine the national security interests of the United States, compromising our ability to collect intelligence and to incapacitate dangerous individuals."
“That system … must continue to be an unrestricted counterterrorism tool going forward,” added Obama.
As a compromise to the military detainment provision, the president is now insisting that alleged terrorists don’t necessarily have to be handed over to the Pentagon for prosecution or, as otherwise granted in the NDAA, indefinite detention without trial under the watch of the Armed Forces. Instead, wrote Obama, a captured alleged criminal should be subjected to the standard practices for federal law enforcement that agencies have acted on according to pre-NDAA operating procedures; until, of course, a handful of governmental high-ups authorize the transfer to a military prison. At that point, every word of the NDAA will once again be a-okay.
Under the directive, the requirement to go straight to military jail is waived if doing so will impede counterterrorism cooperation with other nations, interfere with US detainees held abroad, jeopardize the security of the captive’s cooperation and a handful of other categories. Even under this change, however, the final decision is still up to the president to make.
Simply put, the White House is asking for a little leeway in how it goes about handling detainees before putting them on the boat to Guantanamo Bay.
Some are saying that the latest statement comes as a breath of fresh air in terms of a law that has already caused an immense backlash of critics of the NDAA. It does not, however, nowhere in the directive, do anything to dismiss Section 1021 of the Defense Act, where alleged terrorists, “including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces,” can be detained “under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities.”
When Obama authorized the NDAA last year, he did so by including an addendum in which he pledged, “[M]y Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens,” adding, “My Administration will interpret section 1021 in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorizes complies with the Constitution, the laws of war and all other applicable law.”
The ACLU’s Anthony Romero was quick to tell The Atlantic, however, "The statute is particularly dangerous because it has no temporal or geographic limitations, and can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain people captured far from any battlefield.”
Nine states have so far offered their own legislation which would condemn, at least in part, the NDAA. Earlier this week, a bill drafted in the Commonwealth of Virginia successfully passed the Senate after being approved by the House days earlier. The State of Washington has also drafted a bill that would relieve itself of the detainment provisions and, just recently, Utah offered a resolution of their own.
As lawmakers on a local level rally to dissolve themselves from the NDAA, President Obama’s directive this week could easily be perceived as an attempt to align himself with a growing mass of angry Americans alienated by last year’s signing. In mainstream headlines and press releases it might seem like the president is putting the NDAA to rest, but the fine print reveals that Obama’s actual addendum is nothing but a skillfully orchestrated PR move. Indefinite detention without trial? Yup, it’s still there. For those pesky probable-war criminals, however, they will be freed — at least momentarily — from Gitmo’s orange hoods and advanced interrogation techniques.
The truth behind the directive: don’t believe the hype.
Source: Russia Today

The United Nations supports the wearing of headscarves in football matches

الامم المتحدة تدعم ارتداء الحجاب في مباريات كرة القدم
Joined the United Nations to the campaign calling for the lifting of the ban on headscarves in football and that four days before the lawmakers to review the decision.
And sent Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations to support the development of sport for peace and a letter to Sepp Blatter, President of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in which he expressed support for the rights of players to wear headgear security inseparable as it's pulled.
And by Lemke in the hope that "the issue is resolved in a way with a certain amount of respect for the rules of the game along with cultural considerations to allow all women to exercise football without discrimination."
"This will send a letter stating that each player starting from the level of elite and junior stages even have the freedom to decide whether to have the desire or not to wear that piece of clothing while she is on the pitch."
"This will give an opportunity for outstanding mathematics to confirm that the wearing of the headscarf is not an obstacle in the way of life and excellence in the sport as he will contribute to addressing the stereotypes of gender will also change in ways of thinking."
And while allowing the Olympic Games, such as rugby and taekwondo players to wear the Muslim headscarf during soccer competitions opposed to it for safety reasons.
Last year the team was banned Iranian women's football match of the contest in the second round of qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics against Jordan for refusing to take off her hijab players before the start of the game.
Punished and Iran, which topped its group in the first round of the playoffs without losing Aapetrha defeat in the match against Jordan 3 - zero, causing the evaporation of dreams to qualify for the Olympics.
The decision will be reviewed by the International Council for the football, which will meet in England on Saturday.
And founded the International Council of football in 1886, the highest point is responsible for developing regulations for the game consists of four members of FIFA and the four members of the British unions.
Will provide the Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, FIFA vice-president gave a presentation on the veil in the world of football during a meeting of the International Council is expected to request the Union to allow the players using a special cameo from Dutch design takes into account their safety as inseparable as it's pulled.

Source: Reuters

The last day of the Soviet Union

On December 8th, 1991, the three leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus signed the document which marked the end of the Soviet empire. The fate of the great conglomerate country was decided in less than 24 hours. It happened in secret in a remote residence in the Belavezha forest. Soon the agreement entered the history as the Belavezha Accords. Visit the place where it happened and reveal the mysterious details of the document with the eyewitnesses to the historic event only on RT.

Signing of the Agreement on the Elimination of the USSR and the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States, at the state dacha near Viskuli in Belovezhskaya Pushcha on December 8, 1991(RIA Novosti / Y. Ivanov)

Source: Russia Today

Video: War witness: WWII

War witness: They faced it. They fought it.
WWII through the eyes of veterans.

"You had the impression that the bomb was flying straight at you."
The least pleasant thing for me was when some of my men would follow the command “O’er the top!” and jump out of the trench before me. That was something I feared most of all. Should that happen, the soldiers jumped over me, and me yet lingering in the trench, the soldiers would think I was trying to hide myself behind their backs. So I always tried to be the first to jump up, or at least along with those who were climbing over.

Source: Russia Today

Kung Fu Bear: Russian Style (VIDEO)

We’ve seen Kung Fu Panda – now, a real Russian bear has become an internet hit, amazing visitors to a Siberian zoo with his perfect mastery of the martial art.
An amateur video shot by Andrey Kutzenko shows the animal throwing a wooden club around his neck, passing it from paw to paw and twisting it in front of him. 
The Royev Ruchey Zoo in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk says Pamir the bear has played with the club since he was a cub. The seven-year-old also likes to play with cans, boards, baseball bats and cold water from a hose.
Nicknamed Pamir after the mountains in Central Asia, the bear is a rare white-claw featured in the Red List of Threatened Species. 
Unlike their Russian relatives, these sporty bears from the Central Asian Himalayan forests do not hibernate.
Source: Russia Today

Anonymous brings down Interpol website in retaliation for 25 arrests

Interpol's main website has been downed by the Anonymous hacker group in retaliation for the international police agency’s hacker arrests worldwide. And such attacks will continue, the hacktivists promise.
The website was unreachable for a half hour on Wednesday. Access was later restored, although the loading time remains slow. The attack appears to have been conducted using a botnet. Anonymous Twitter accounts tweeted “ seems to be #TangoDown. We can’t say that this surprises us much," and "Looks like is having some traffic issues. Now who would have expected that?”
The attacks came as Interpol announced the arrests of 25 suspected Anonymous members, aged between 17 and 40, who it alleges planned coordinated cyber-attacks against Colombia’s defense ministry and presidential websites, Chile’s Endesa electricity company and national library, among other targets. The arrests were part of Operation Unmask, during which police in Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Spain seized computers, mobile phones, credit cards and cash at 40 locations in 15 cities.
Among the 25 under arrest are four Anonymous hackers detained by police in Spain earlier on Tuesday under claims that they conducted attacks on Spanish political parties' websites. The Spanish National Police also said two servers in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic had been blocked as part of Operation Unmask, and that a manager of Anonymous’ operations in Spain and Latin America, known by the aliases “Thunder” and “Pacotron,” was among those arrested.
The four are also suspected of vandalizing websites, conducting DDoS attacks and publishing sensitive data on police officers assigned to Spain's royal palace and its prime minister’s office.
The attacks came as Interpol announced the arrests of 25 suspected Anonymous members, aged between 17 and 40, who it alleges planned coordinated cyber-attacks against Colombia’s defense ministry and presidential websites, Chile’s Endesa electricity company and national library, among other targets. The arrests were part of Operation Unmask, during which police in Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Spain seized computers, mobile phones, credit cards and cash at 40 locations in 15 cities.
Among the 25 under arrest are four Anonymous hackers detained by police in Spain on Tuesday under claims that they conducted attacks on Spanish political party websites. The Spanish National Police also said two servers in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic had been blocked as part of Operation Unmask, and that a manager of Anonymous operations in Spain and Latin America, known by the aliases Thunder and Pacotron, was among those arrested.
The four are also suspected of vandalizing websites, conducting DDoS attacks and publishing sensitive data on police officers assigned to Spain's royal palace and its prime minister’s office.
Anonymous has added Interpol’s scalp to its already impressive collection of successfully downed websites.
Their most notable operation up to date was the response to the closing down of the Megaupload file sharing service. In retaliation, Anonymous attacked the websites of the White House, after succeeding in taking down the websites of the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.
In another headline-making case, WikiLeaks released over 5 million emails of the private intelligence company Stratfor, dubbed the “shadow CIA.” Reports say Wikileaks obtained the data through the Anonymous network.
A message spread by an Anonymous spokesperson said the group intends to continue attacks for the “unforeseeable future”.
A Twitter message reportedly associated with the Brazilian wing of the group said "Interpol, you can't take Anonymous. It's an idea.”
Source: Russia Today

My life before Islam

My life before Islam
Why this girl converted to Islam? Very influential why convert to Islam.flv

Wikileaks: Israel destroyed the infrastructure of Iran's nuclear facilities on the face of the earth

Publish a site "Wikileaks" secret messages set by the Hst of the company "Stratfor" specializing in U.S. intelligence-gathering and advisory services, in which he said that Israel destroyed the infrastructure of Iran's nuclear facilities on the face of the earth end of last year.
A source in the Israeli intelligence in his letter dated November 7 2011, commenting on the information about that Israel is preparing to launch a military attack on Iran, said the news "is not only a maneuver to divert attention (other issues) .. The Israel destroyed infrastructure infrastructure for Iran's nuclear facilities on the entire face of the earth a few weeks. "
These comments came during an exchange of letters between the source and Israeli intelligence analysts, "Stratfor" in the wake of an explosion in the Iranian missile base near the capital Tehran.
The source expressed his belief that Israel's conflict with Iran, part of the "European conspiracy," explaining that "European leaders launched a campaign under the slogan" Let's attack Iran, "in order to divert the attention of the community about internal financial issues" faced by European countries.
According to the documents published by "Wikileaks" on February 27 that some analysts "Stratfor" They believed that Israel sent teams "commando" to Iran to carry out this process in cooperation with the Kurdish rebels or Iranian immigrants in Israel.
In the same context, showed a U.S. company analysts doubted that the attack had happened in reality, is also ruled out the possibility that any possible attack of this kind that makes Europeans "forget the crisis of the euro area in which they live and the proceedings day by day."
This is expected to publish the "Wikileaks" more than five million messages to analysts, "Stratfor" returns for the period between July 2004 and December 2011. The company said that some of the messages that intend to "Wikileaks" publication may be forged or have been changes to the text of the original. These documents include information about the requests received by the police and the working methods used and the means used to gather information.
Source: "Haaretz" Agencies
Russia Today

Founder of Wikileaks confirms that the number of special investigative agencies in the world is increasing

مؤسس موقع ويكيليكس يؤكد أن عدد وكالات التحري الخاصة يتزايد في العالم
Number of companies special investigative increasing in the United States skyrocket in other countries, and began to practice playing a greater role in the world, while does not have the community the opportunity to further their activities This was confirmed by the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange after he published site company scandals famous e-mails received and sent by Stratfor company specialized staff to collect and analyze data and provide advisory services.
The Assange at a press conference took place in the club of independent journalists Frontline that the Wikileaks site and is working on publishing a new series could be called "the private lives of private spies." He pointed out that the company Stratfor stated that its goal is to finish first in its field and to inform the CIA and the FBI Americans how they can be sober in this efficiency. Stratfor company financial data show those who are its customers, oil companies, financial centers - including Bank of America, producers of military technology and weapons - Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and Grumman Norcrob. Stratfor also attended Msah files for the U.S. Navy, and worked closely with other government agencies.
According to WikiLeaks, the Stratfor followed the activities of human rights defenders at the request of large corporations, particularly those who have called for Dow Chemical to pay additional compensation to people who have suffered from the results of the accident, which was due to the neglect of the company, The incident took place in the factory of the company in the city of Bhabal Indian in 1984. According to representatives of the Wikileaks they can not be monitor and track the movements of the victims and relatives of the victims of the disaster in Bhabal who are seeking justice after one of the largest chemical accidents in the world.
And hit Assange another example, as pointed out that the Coca-Cola a customer Stratfor, and upon request the staff to gather information on activists from the organization famous "people of the Humane Society" on the eve of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, so out of fear that they protested against the tenth anniversary of the company that products had been tested not long ago from that date on the animals.
He noted the WikiLeaks that the staff of Stratfor not baptized to gather information by planting agents and the payment of bribes, and they also baptized to movements hostile to a group of social organizations, including the Wikileaks, where the name Assange or WikiLeaks in a huge number of messages that have been published.
After all accused in the press conference Assange company Stratfor, money laundering and the use of complex paths to pay for information services. And promised to publish the rest of the scandalous secret documents in the coming days about this U.S. company.

Source: Russia Today

Spain .. Demonstrations with the continued escalation of the economic crisis

Continue in Spain and especially in the city of Valencia protests against austerity measures and laws enacted by the new Spanish government.
This is normal in the time it sits more than 40% of Spaniards under the threat of dismissal from work, or at best reduce their salaries under the labor laws enacted by the new government.
Changed the government, but nothing has changed Economic crisis eats Spanish cities day after day and the number of demonstrations is increasing and expanding the scope of the protests. Economists and experts are calling from far and near bankruptcy and out of the Eurogroup is the solution, but one of them in Brussels to make a finger in his ear.

Source: Russia Today

Urgent: Egyptian security forces arrested at Cairo airport Saif al-Adel leader of the "Al Qaeda"

القيادي في تنظيم القاعدة سيف العدل
Egyptian security sources said they had arrested at Cairo International AirportMohamed Ibrahim Makkawi known as the sword of justice, nicknamed the new commander of the "Al Qaeda".

The news agency said, citing the Middle East Cairo airport authorities have arrested thesword of justice on Wednesday, February 29 on his return from Pakistan through theUnited Arab Emirates. He was handed over to the Supreme State Security Prosecutionfor interrogation.
الأمن المصري يعتقل بمطار القاهرة سيف العدل القيادي في


Sources at the airport is responsible to the Agency that the Egyptian security forces had received information that the structure of Saif al-Adel to return to Egypt and deliver thesame to the authorities.

The sword of Justice took over command of the "Al Qaeda" temporarily following the killing of Osama bin Laden last May, according to Egyptian sources said MohammedIbrahim Makkawi wanted in Egypt since 1994 in Case No. (502) Supreme State Security, without clarifying what are the charges made against him.

Source: Russia Today

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