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Video .. Will Smith: How much I wished to become a Pharaoh!

ويل سميث
Said the American star Will Smith that he wished to exist at the time of the rule of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, noting that blacks were treated better during this period of time.

He said in an exclusive interview with Lebanese media RIA Abi Rached through itsScoop on the screen of hills mbc 2 that in Egypt they were in good condition, so he wanted to be a Pharaoh, what was the RIA but I told him that he would be a goodpharaoh. (RIA Abu Rashid reveals the secrets of "Scoop" new)

Came an interview with RIA Abu Rashid Will Smith in the context of promotion of the third part of a series of famous fantasy films Men in Black, such as put forward in thecinema world on 25 May. (See two ads for the new Men in Black 3)

And lasts the star the award-winning Oscar Tommy Lee Jones in the participation ofWoe to Smith Championship the new part, to the side's accession a new star of the series is the Josh Brolin. (See pictures Will Smith promotes film Men in Black 3)
And a series inspired by the Man in Black comic stories of the same title, and centered around a secret organization competent to organize the movement of strangers coming to earth of the following planets, and the disposal of expatriates who have come illegally.


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