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Yemeni students in America are exposed to the process of sexual harassment by five female students!

طالب يمني في أمريكا يتعرض لعملية تحرش جنسى من قبل خمس طالبات!
Yemen was a student in Arizona for the U.S. harassed, by the Americans five students inprivate accommodation near the university where he taught

And entered five students studying in the same college Essam Sharabi then have had to take off their clothes, after closing the apartment door to prevent him from escaping butthat the student open your bedroom window sleep and jumped to the street opposite.
The Sharabi immediately inform the police attended the area and the arrest of girls.

After investigation, one of the students acknowledged that they believe that the studentin question is suffering from a psychological condition where dating have had more than once, but he refused claiming that religious young man and his religion prevents himfrom exercising any intimate relationships with other than his wife.
And by virtue of the state law prohibits all forms of harassment unless one of the two parties agree to establish a relationship with the other party.


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