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U.S. goes to the hospital because of pain in his kidney to discover that female

أمريكي يذهب للمستشفى بسبب ألم في كليته ليكتشف بأنه أنثى
American Steve Criselios surprised that female when he visited the hospital because of pain in his kidney, I told the nurse that the ultrasound examination shows that he was born female genital organs of internal and external male.


Says photographer Criselios has changed his first name to Stevie instead of Steve is that he was not a man anymore and it is supported by his wife with six children. He adds that I remember I was wearing clothes from my mother and I put make-up of their own stealth is to keep one on the matter. Now, after 40 years and gave him an explanation of what the nurse was felt when she told him that in fact "female" in the guise of a man.
And it says Criselios "I was in the emergency room complaining of pain in my kidneys and was a nurse scan ultrasound images when she told me" show you x-female "has proven that what I was always in me.
When he returned Criselios of the house convinced him his wife Debbie that approached his family about it after that frequency much and feared that cause the loss of his family, but his family supported him and I accepted the new situation and accompanied his wife to buy Women's Clothing for the first time, which acknowledged that it was not easy, and is still a couple who live together for 25 years share the same room.
The attached "Criselios" on this, saying, "What remains" Debbie "close to my heart and my soul and I am still I have the same thing, I think that this is the essence of true love.He said that his sons said, "We do not care about this, Dad, we love you for yourself."

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