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U.S. man fined half a million dollars to carry that song!

تغريم شاب أمريكي نصف مليون دولار لأنه حمل أغاني!
U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept the appeal by a young student was sentenced to pay more than half a million dollars; Download it illegally thirtieth song and broadcast over the Internet, it installed fine, imposed on him big. Without any explanation for its decision, rejected the highest judicial body in the country to listen to the arguments of Joel Tinabaum (25 years) in his complaint against the company "Sony".

The U.S. appeals court has imposed a fine of 675 thousand dollars on the young man, ie, $ 22,500 on each song to carry and broadcast on the "Casa. WM" in the last decade.
Said Joel Tinabaum on his website, "As a student just graduated, I can not pay such an amount." The dispute began in 2007 when several companies filed a complaint against the young student at the University of "Boston Universiti" (Northeast Massachusetts USA) for violating intellectual property law in the United States required to malfunction and damage. His lawyer, Charles Neeson The battle is not over, and the Court of First Instance will be discussed again a fine imposed.
The Neeson, a professor of law at Harvard University, "is now the case is now before a federal court, where a judge is considering the possibility of reducing the fine line with instructions by the Court of Appeal asked her a lesson file to determine whether the fine was excessive it." "The Court of Appeal returned the case to the Court of First Instance, so we came back to the starting point."


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